The show begins with Connie’s latest radio spoof comedy sketch, featuring her impersonation of the late talk radio legend Art Bell and his wildly popular late night show ‘Ghost to Ghost’. Following that sketch, this episode features several very powerful and eye opening video clips exposing the globalists’ New World Order agenda, and their deliberate fraud and pre-planning of the Covid ‘pandemic’, beginning with Mika Brzezinski on NBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ actually saying it’s the media’s job to “CONTROL EXACTLY what people think”. Connie includes another jolting clip from President JFK not long before he was assassinated, warning Americans about a threat to our sovereignty and democracy from a secret covert shadow govt organization that he vowed not to tolerate. Then Connie delves into revealing the disturbing content of the infamous redacted ’28 Pages’ from the Joint Congressional investigation into the events of 9/11, deliberately hidden from the American people, and that were finally de-classified by President Obama approximately one year before he left office.