The show opens with Connie’s impersonation of Mike Meyers and Howard Stern in her very funny parody of ‘Waynes World’…Then Connie details the very first version of ‘mainstream media’ and global domination lies using fear and guilt based propaganda to control all of humanity, those of course being from the Bible and organized religion. Then she brings truth to power in effectively exposing the nefarious details of the EUGENICS and TRANSHUMANIST elements that are a fundamental aspect of the world’s most wealthy families and elites’ New World Order agenda…Connie discusses in detail how the ‘Covid Vax’ is NOT a vaccine at all, but an EXPERIMENTAL MRNA GENE MODIFYING ‘THERAPY’. Connie shows how the mainstream media, owned by Big Pharma and these globalist elites, has deliberately hidden these truths from the general public in order to use the world population as human guinea pigs in their sick transhumanist agenda, which has now grown to a diabolical agenda of not only toxic genetically modified foods being pushed on the entire world (especially The Third World) but an agenda of GENETICALLY MODIFIED HUMANS, not for our overall well being…but for our overall massive detriment and harm.