If you haven’t already, sometime soon you will most assuredly hear the term ‘SURVEILLANCE CAPITALISM’.

There’s a movie on Netflix called ‘The Social Dilemma’ that exposes the nefarious and ubiquitous use of it by all the social media platforms you are familiar with, and there’s a fantastic book on the topic by Professor Shoshona Zuboff titled ‘The Age of Surveillance Capitalism’.

As many of my regular television viewers would expect, I would more appropriately and ACCURATELY change the term to ‘surveillance CORPORATISM’ since those Big Tech monopoly transnational organizations engaging in it have destroyed true free market capitalism with such predatory covert weaponized measures.

Here’s my concise definition of the term: “Covert, psychologically manipulative and highly complex A.I. (artificial intel) social media algorithms, deliberately designed not just to PREDICT ‘likes’ or preferences, but to CONTROL users’ thought, perception and overall behavior, both individually and EN MASSE.”

That said, Professor Zuboff defines the term with about 8 definitions, but I will include just a few of them here…

A.) “A new economic order that claims human experience as free raw material for HIDDEN commercial practices of extraction, prediction and sales.”

For one example she describes, the game of Pokemon Go isn’t just a fun innocent game, it is sold…Or rather I should say, the PLAYERS of the ‘game’ are sold to advertisers (Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Target, etc).

The players are unknowingly being manipulated and directed through the Pokemon Go game to ‘GO’ and physically look for their various Pokemon characters, ultimately with the game’s real ulterior purpose being to manipulate them to ‘GO’ to one of said corporate advertisers.

This is of course due entirely because an A.I. algorithm has covertly predetermined that the player of the game, once discovering not just their Pokemon character, but that they are in the direct proximity of that advertiser, that their reactive behavior to this will likely be to patronize that advertiser.

Continuing with Professor Zuboff’s definitions for ‘Surveillance Capitalism’:

B.) “A PARASITIC economic logic in which the production of goods and services is subordinated to a new GLOBAL ARCHITECTURE of BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATION”

C.)”A movement that aims to impose a new COLLECTIVE ORDER based on total certainty” (I would use the word ‘control’ for the word ‘certainty’, but that’s what I believe she means anyway.)

D.)”An EXPROPRIATION OF CRITICAL HUMAN RIGHTS that is best understood as a COUP from above, an overthrow of the people’s sovereignty”

What she is getting at with the term ‘a coup from above’ is really the same truth that I discussed in my most current December 2022 episode of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’, in which I explained that this predatory monopoly corporatism and complete capture and control of all of our elected government officials, and all of the mainstream media and ‘news’ by them, is absolutely a national COUP by those globalist elites…A coup overthrowing the sovereignty of ‘We the People’ as our foremothers and forefathers intended and enshrined as sacrosanct in the U.S. Constitution.

It is CRITICAL TO NOTE that there are strong anti-trust laws on the books specifically intended to be used to STOP such predatory corporatism, and its now well known and exposed methods of ‘surveillance capitalism’, but those laws are being DELIBERATELY IGNORED by our elected officials.

Why you ask? Because have become nothing but ELECTED WHORES to Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Banking, Big Oil, Big Agriculture, etc.

That is why I keep hammering the truth and the solution being that it is time we STOP APATHETICALLY ALLOWING THIS PREDATORY MONOPOLY CORPORATISM TO CONTINUE in our country!

It is time for a new powerful ‘We the People’ political party in America…”THE AMERICAN PARTY”, and we need to END CORPORATE CONTROL, which if you are a regular viewer of my cable access television show, you know those words are emblazoned behind me at all times on the set, superimposed over an upside American flag, the sign of our country being under massive duress.

Like one of the many former Big Tech social media executives openly admits in the movie ‘The Social Dilemma’, these ‘social media’ platforms are designed not just to help provide you with ‘news’ you will be interested in, but to surveil your every action while on their platforms…

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube, all by design are not just trying to ‘help’ you have an entertaining or informative experience, or just help you connect with friends…If that’s what you think their prime motivation is, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Colorado you might be interested in real cheap!

What has recently been exposed is their nefarious use of A.I. (artificial intelligence) highly complicated algorithms that have you under CONSTANT SURVEILLANCE, documenting and LISTENING to everything you say and do, everywhere you go, everything you click on, even HOW LONG you look at a certain image.

Again, if you think they are just using that information to sell to Starbucks or Amazon so those corporations can advertise to you more effectively, I’ve still got that oceanfront property in ‘Liberal haven’ Boulder Colorado that I’d love to sell you really cheap!

What truly IS their ultimate objective is not just to sell your information and data to other corporations…Oh sure, they certainly do that, and yes YOU ARE THE PRODUCT as they say. But the nefarious agenda behind ‘surveillance capitalism’ running rampant by these predatory globalist monopoly corporations in partnership now with BOTH the Democrat and the Republican parties, is MUCH more sinister and runs MUCH DEEPER than just that…

They are diligently perfecting their algorithms to not only watch and learn what you ‘like’ and what you ‘react to’ and what your overall preferences are, but the programmers of these highly complex manipulative algorithms are openly boasting now that they are GETTING TO KNOW YOU BETTER THAN YOU KNOW YOURSELF, and then they use that knowledge and information about you to:

A.) PREDICT what you will do tomorrow and in the near future, and more importantly…

B.) to use the patterns of that information to then in subtle ways over time, perfect their ability to actually use their deliberately tailored content, often ‘propaganda’ and a popular narrative they craft, in order to CONTROL YOUR FUTURE BEHAVIOR, not just predict it!

And in closing, what I have begun realizing is that this nefarious A.I. algorithm agenda is, just as is the case with television advertisers’ history of using ‘focus group research’ to target their ads on different networks and shows, designed to document COMMON PATTERNS identified as being in common with many people of certain diversities, cultures and backgrounds…

And in this process they learn how to perfect not just controlling certain behaviors of individuals they target, but thereby crafting a propaganda narrative deliberately designed to CONTROL not just users individually, but to control people EN MASSE.

And even if you were to at least realize you are ADDICTED to Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc. (Most never want to admit that truth), one of the fundamental nefarious aspects of these covert ‘surveillance’ algorithms is that they are deliberately designed so that you don’t even realize how you are being psychologically manipulated…

They are designed so you don’t even realize how your overall perception is being ‘programmed’ by a carefully crafted ‘CORPORATE NARRATIVE’, while they censor and keep you from seeing true objective critical thinking content from others.

Once they have you addicted to their platform, a GIANT part of how they control your behavior and what you think is through how they CENSOR and BAN all ‘critical thinking’ dissenting content they DO NOT WANT you to see and learn about, because of the potential of such dissenting content’s ability to expose their corporate ‘propaganda’, and they tell you that any such dissenting content is ‘DISINFORMATION’, when the truth is the opposite…

’Surveillance Capitalism’ by design depends on DISINFORMATION/PROPAGANDA disguised as ‘news’ to control social media users and mainstream media viewers perception, and accordingly their behavior, en masse.

Connie Bryan