When you really begin to understand the ‘BIG SCHEME OF THINGS’, you begin to realize the massive extent humanity has been lied to by all the institutions of authority (religion, government, multi-national monopoly corporations, the printed press/mainstream news media, etc), all tightly controlled over many millennia for the purpose of mass psychological and behavioral control of the masses by an imperialistic elite.

The word ‘scheme’ fundamentally means a ‘plan’. But the word is most often used to project a negative implication. If the ‘big scheme’ by power-mongering elites was truly BENEVOLENT and guided by ‘The Golden Rule’, then we would long ago have realized peace, true liberty and equality for all, and we’d be at least well on our way as we were meant to be by now, in COOPERATIVELY creating ‘heaven on earth’ together on our shared home we call the earth.

But when you really begin to understand the ‘big scheme’ or ‘big plan’ of things by those world control-minded elites who have controlled and continue to tightly control all institutions of authority and power, it’s like a light switch being flipped.

You suddenly realize how, far from being benevolent, and far from being guided by even a shred of embracing The Golden Rule and egalitarian equality and liberty for all, how massively MALEVOLENT…how intrinsically hypocritical, fraudulent and corrupt ALL of those institutions are that you were psychologically conditioned from childhood to believe you had a duty to trust.

The chief pioneer among them in ‘the big scheme of things’…of a ‘mass media’ psychological operation lying to the masses using fear and guilt for ultimate world control and power is organized religion.

I am referring of course specifically to the ‘Big Three’ organized religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. And it is critically important for you to realize that wherever you see these three pioneers of ‘the big scheme of things’, you ALWAYS see them joined at the hip in corrupt partnership with GOVERNMENT, those in political authority, and those elites in control of those political authorities because they are in control of all of the banking and money.

Roman Catholicism and the Vatican is of course a prime example. In a very brief nutshell, Christianity was just another of a large number of spinoff ‘savior/God-man’ myths, having spun off from Judaism by yet another rebellious faction of Jews claiming they were following the ‘true messiah’ that the Jewish religion is still waiting for to this day.

This spinoff version managed to gain some traction and became lucrative politically in the eyes of those in power in Rome, who were struggling at the time with frequent bloody wars with the Jews.

So in Rome’s imperialistic ‘scheme’ to control the world (no different than what the Old Testament shows that the Jews had a long legacy of doing, with constant acts of genocide by the Jews chronicled in the Old Testament of the Bible over and over as ostensibly being ordained by their God, telling them to routinely kill every man, woman and child of any nation that wasn’t Jewish and take their land for their own)…

In Rome’s ‘world domination scheme’, they craftily used and embraced this fledgling and popular new ‘savior/messiah’ Jewish spinoff of Christianity, by seeing it as a way to leverage those Jews who were ‘spinning off’ from orthodox Judaism. In doing so, it ultimately paid off and helped Rome to ‘divide and conquer’ the Jews at the time.

As Rome embraced ‘Christianity’ by creating the Roman Catholic Church, it was responsible for crafting and DEFINING Christianity in the fear/guilt-based, condemning and weaponized version that it has been to this very day, having been used just as the Jews used their religion in the Old Testament, as a ‘MANIFEST DESTINY’ CREED claiming to be ‘ordained by God’ as the ONLY true universal religion, meant to dominate the world.

They crafted the content of the book of Revelation to decree that their world domination will happen ultimately, if not completely by Catholicism (a word which means ‘universal’), it will be accomplished by the coming act of worldwide genocide by ‘Jesus’ and his army of genocidal angels in his so–called ‘2nd Coming’ in the ‘end times’, etc.

Now, for those of you who have been conditioned to go around saying Christianity is nothing but all about ‘love’ and ‘forgiveness’… Does that sound like ‘love’ and ‘forgiveness’ to you? OF COURSE NOT!

But generally the person you refer to as your pastor at your social club masquerading as a ‘church’, by and large doesn’t usually preach much if at all on those topics that are not only RAMPANT in the Bible, but fundamental to its teachings.

Like I said above, I don’t mean to pick only on Christianity…All three of the Big Three organized religions teach the same fear/guilt-based mass media psy-ops propaganda to their respective cultures that they sought to ‘DEIFY’ above all others…The Old Testament decreeing that the Jews are the ‘CHOSEN RACE’ and theirs is the ‘one and only true God’, the Muslims teaching that they have the only true religion and ‘one and only true God/Allah’, and as I have described, the same ‘script’ being used by the crafters of the similarly weaponized ‘Christian mythology’ of Roman Catholicism.

What’s that? You say you are a Christian, not a Catholic?? That’s what we call a ‘distinction WITHOUT a difference my friend.

If you call yourself a Christian, you are at your core, like it or not, a CATHOLIC even if not by technical church affiliation, because it is an indisputable axiom that the New Testament was created IN TOTAL by the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church having been commissioned to do so by the rulers of the Roman empire.

Call yourself a Baptist, call yourself a Methodist, call yourself a Lutheran, Church of Christ, Church of God, (I might give you a pass if you call yourself an Episcopalian…just kidding), it doesn’t matter, because the fundamental beliefs of all ‘Christian’ denominations as I described above are at the core of, and defined first and foremost by the weaponized ‘only one true world religion’ lies of Roman Catholicism.

If you call yourself a Christian but you DO NOT believe your religion is the only true religion and that all others are ‘condemned’ by Jesus/God upon his ‘2nd Coming’, then you are either lying to yourself and others by saying that is not the case, OR you haven’t read your Bible at all.

These original PIONEERING LIES in the ‘big scheme of things’ by organized religion are first and foremost what have led to the subsequent uber-corruption of the rest of industrialized society, and now other much more subtle and covert mass media forms of psychological and behavioral control and propaganda.

This ‘big scheme’ needs to be exposed in order for humanity to finally awaken to our divine oneness, our true nature, and what true spirituality is…knowledge that organized religion and the elite crafters of it over many millennia have deliberately and desperately tried to hide from humanity in order for them to hold on to their corrupt power.

This is at the root of why we have had the majority of war and the majority of genocide humanity has seen, all entirely due to these lies of this ‘big scheme of things’, the first predominant versions of which are Judeo/Christianity and Islam, that have and continue to needlessly divide humanity with each of their proprietary, weaponized and falsely programmed concepts of ‘God’.

On one of my recent episodes of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’, I gave special emphasis to introducing my viewers to Julian Huxley, the first U.N. Director of UNESCO (United Nations Education Science & Culture Organization) Julian didn’t try to hide the true agenda of the United Nations in his book he authored entitled “UNESCO: Its Purpose and Philosophy”…

The entire purpose of Huxley’s book, as stated in the actual title, is to openly admit the fundamental philosophy of The United Nations and UNESCO, which was created by the U.N. to be its public relations outreach organization to the rest of the world.

In the first few pages of his book Huxley wastes no time in admitting that the core philosophy of The United Nations, and why it created UNESCO, is to ultimately create a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT system.

If the reader was surprised at that degree of candor from Huxley, The U.N.’s first appointed Director of UNESCO, they probably are prone to fall off their couch as it were, when they continue reading how UNESCO is dedicated to bringing about not just a one world government, but a ONE WORLD TRADITION!

And if the reader doesn’t realize on their own the exact parallel between a ‘one world tradition’ and its synonymous nature with a ‘one true religion’, Huxley makes sure they perceive this reality by pointing out that parallel himself.

At the top of page 16 of his book, Huxley excoriates the free Democratic Republic of our country here in the United States as being ‘exaggerated individualism’, and all through his book he continually decrees the philosophy of the United Nations is to create a one world ‘collective’, though he claims this one world collective will not be ‘fascist’.

Toward the bottom of page 15, he makes a not so subtle admission of the United Nation’s philosophy of world DEPOPULATION, stating “There is however an optimum range of size for every human organization as for every type of organism…Similarly there is an optimum range of HUMAN POPULATION DENSITY and of TOTAL POPULATION in the world.

At the top of page 13, and in the name of ‘evolutionary progress’, Huxley brazenly demonizes all forms of ‘nationalism’ or ‘national sovereignty’ in favor of ‘internationalism’, which he more specifically defines as a ‘one world sovereignty’, stating “A central conflict of our times is that between nationalism and internationalism, between the concept of many national sovereignties and ONE WORLD SOVEREIGNTY.” (Emphasis mine)

In paragraph 2 of page 13 of his book on the philosophy of UNESCO and the U.N., Huxley continues, “Two obvious corollaries follow. First, that the more united man’s tradition becomes, the more rapid will be the probability of PROGRESS. Several separate, COMPETING or even mutually hostile pools of tradition cannot possibly be so efficient as a SINGLE POOL COMMON TO ALL MANKIND. And secondly, the best only certain way of securing this will be through POLITICAL UNIFICATION.”

And of course, as I reminded you above, what is fundamental to the core of the Big Three organized religions? The same ‘big scheme’, that being the huge empirical, world domination ‘dogma’ programming the masses with the teaching of ONE TRUE TRADITION, that will take place one way or another with their one true religion, culminating with the genocidal world destruction of all ‘infidels’ or ‘non-believers’ upon the return of their ‘savior/messiah’, etc.

ENOUGH OF THESE LIES IN THE NAME OF GOD…The purpose of my life and of my show is to of course bring truth to power to this fraudulent, diabolical ‘big scheme of things’. And as I am showing you, it has grown to include the overall agenda of the United Nations, calling for a comparable ultimate ONE WORLD TRADITION of control, that admittedly demonizes ‘individual liberty and equality’.

At the top of page 17, if you needed more clarification, Huxley is all too accommodating as he once again refers to the U.N.’s core agenda, in the interest of fostering proper ‘human evolution’, of creating a ‘unifying of traditions’ and specifically a ‘unifying of the WORLD MIND’, making a point of reminding the reader that this approach is just like that of organized religions in the past…

UNESCO Director Huxley writes, “As we have seen earlier, the unifying of traditions in a single common pool of experience, awareness and purpose, is the NECESSARY PREREQUISITE for further major progress in HUMAN EVOLUTION. Accordingly, although political unification in some sort of WORLD GOVERNMENT WILL BE REQUIRED for the definitive attainment of this stage, unification in the things of the mind is not only necessary, but can also pave the way for OTHER types of unification. Thus in the past the GREAT RELIGIONS unified the thoughts and attitudes of large regions of the earth’s surface…”

Huxley continues in the next paragraph, “Special attention should consequently be given by UNESCO to the problem of constructing a unified pool of tradition FOR THE HUMAN SPECIES AS A WHOLE.”

Toward the end of that same paragraph Huxley adds, “This will be the latest part of the task of UNIFYING THE WORLD MIND.”

And if the reader is naïve enough to believe that UNESCO Director Julian Huxley and the globalist corporate monopoly elites he represented would not take as dogmatic and weaponized of an approach in this ‘unifying of the world mind’ as Judeo/Christianity & Islam’ do to those who believe differently, maybe they didn’t read his quote earlier in the book on page 10, where Huxley openly calls for EUGENICS (recall Hitler’s eugenics experimentation he learned from racist American and European scientists who pioneered its use first) to be used to ‘improve humanity’ in the interest of fostering proper ‘human evolution.’

While admitting to man’s somewhat improving of our innate mental powers through ‘natural selection’ from our Neanderthal state until the present, Huxley writes on page 10, “They could certainly be improved further by deliberate EUGENICS MEASURES, if we consciously set ourselves to improve them.”

Remember as I stated above…UNESCO Director Julian Huxley is not just speaking for himself…He was appointed to that position as the first Director of UNESCO by the elite globalist powers that be who created the United Nations, and the purpose of his book stated in the title, is to inform the reader of the U.N. and UNESCO’S world agenda.

Anyone who tries to tell you that there is no agenda by globalist elites for a one world government, and tries to tell you that it is just a ‘tin foil hat’ conspiracy theory, needs to be politely shown not just Huxley’s book as I am showing you here, but they also need to be shown what THE BIBLE and THE KORAN say regarding their synonymous decrees of being the ‘one true religion’ that will conquer the world and destroy all ‘infidels’ and ‘non believers’, etc.

There is a diabolical danger we face as a human race from BOTH of these sources, the danger from the latter of course being the possible self fulfilling prophecy aspect, where such beliefs in the ‘end times’ destruction of all non believers is prophesied in their so called ‘holy scriptures’ as having to take place, and so such very sick beliefs only dangerously contribute to such a world holocaust or ‘Armageddon’ outcome.

Listen to me please…The fact that such a religious belief is your family’s tradition is NO EXCUSE for you to say you don’t care, and you will continue to embrace it. It sadly is my family’s tradition, and I refuse to associate myself with such lies at the expense of other human beings of diverse beliefs.

You can’t have it both ways with Judeo/Christianity and Islam any more than someone who was raised in the Deep South can say they are not a racist, but their family’s tradition was to go to an all white private school, or to be a member of the Ku Klux Klan like it’s ‘the Rotary Club’, and that doing so doesn’t mean you are racist, etc.

That is what one is doing when one ‘cherry picks’ only select verses from the Bible or the Koran, and ignores the rampant bigotry, genocide and condemnation toward ‘non believers’ that is the core teaching of those ‘scriptures’.

As I said, such fraudulent psychological programming was the ORIGINAL MASS MEDIA of organized religion.

And just like we have to stand up to the newer more high tech forms of mass media psychological programming by the globalist monopoly owned mainstream media, Big Tech and social media, we also MUST stand up against the destructive, tribalistic, weaponized false teachings in the name of God, that were the PIONEERS of such harmful, fear-based ‘unifying of the minds’ of humanity…

It was the ORIGINAL MASS PROPAGANDA designed to distract, divide and prevent us from realizing our shared ONENESS with one another…from realizing the power and healing for humanity that TRUE SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE would bring…

Which would result in the END OF THOSE IN POWER, because humanity’s awakening to our true ‘collective Divine nature’ would result naturally in the DESTRUCTION OF ‘THE BIG SCHEME OF THINGS’, and THE DESTRUCTION OF THE CORRUPTION of those in power…

And it would replace them with the only proper ‘UNIFYING OF MINDS’, that being a beautifully diverse world of FREE COOPERATING NATIONS, unified and guided not by a weaponized condemning ‘one world religion’ or ‘multi-national corporate elite tyranny’, but by a BENEVOLENT global tradition of FREEDOM, INDIVIDUALISM & EQUALITY based on ‘THE GOLDEN RULE’.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…She is also the producer and host of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’, now airing in 20 cable access markets nationwide. Watch the show on demand, and check out all of her material on her website and blog at www.conniebryan.com)