7 03, 2020

Showcasing the Lies of Our ‘POST TRUTH CULTURE’, and On the Mostly FAKE SUPPORT Toward Those Who Are TRANSGENDER

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"Through an amazing, albeit severely ironic and painful life experience for me, beginning in the destructive "faith" of evangelical Christianity as a child, I am forever thankful to have been 'SAVED FROM' that poisonous, unhealthy Bible-based habit falsely attributed to "God," and to have been guided in my steadfast and earnest meditations to find the source of real spiritual healing and happiness."

5 01, 2020

Historical Synopsis of the MONUMENTAL LIES & FRAUD of Christianity

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"Below I will provide a brief overview of what has been deliberately held back from most Christians by the church, and by pastors and "ministers" who may even themselves not be aware of these facts, having never done their homework about the "beliefs" they admittedly hold entirely based on 'childlike faith'. I was also raised in that evangelical Christian fundamentalist environment, and I am very thankful that I was 'SAVED' from it after finally learning about the following truths that expose the lies and man-made fraud of Judeo-Christianity."

2 01, 2020

The Religious Lie that “Human Nature is Bad”

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"...you are told you CAN'T STOP, and that as long as you just 'believe' the way this sick religious institution is telling you to believe, in this sick concept of a God who needs first ANIMAL BLOOD SACRIFICES in the 'Old Testament', then a HUMAN BLOOD SACRIFICE in the 'New Testament' to satisfy his blood lust, and who requires your monthly MONEY/TITHE (tax free for them by the way) then you keep getting a TOTAL PASS for ALL of your bad behavior...You are conditioned to think you couldn't be good by nature if you wanted to be, and this is the 'cop out' that prevents you from taking responsibility on your own. "The Devil" or "Satan" is not at the root of all of the growing violence, selfishness and irresponsibility of our society, it is this 'organized lie' of the church, who then tries to blame it on the fairy tale of 'The Devil'."

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