12 10, 2016


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"Make no mistake, young people make bad choices and engage in destructive, unhealthy behavior for ONE REASON...Because they see influential adults in their lives inexcusably setting that bad example for them...People love to scoff at and make fun of the "Just Say No" to drugs campaign made famous by Nancy Reagan back in the 1980's. But how sick is that, to belittle such a needed moral example for young people to learn? Yet so many of you who are reading this right now, have likely been one of the millions who routinely make fun of that example."

3 12, 2015

Unethical U.S. Culture Primary Cause of Mass Shootings

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"the solution or overall 'panacea' to addressing the growing violence and number of mass shootings in the United States is not found with "gun control" per se. That is not the angle I am coming from here whatsoever. I don't meant to over-generalize, but we don't address the issue of violent road rage by suggesting we stop selling cars, etc. The source of the problem that is SCREAMING to be addressed today is the underlying lack of ethics and human/community values in our American culture that need have NOTHING to do with organized religion. Matter of fact it is critical that they do not. Please read on so that I can expound on why that is so important."

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