22 05, 2020

Dr. Fauci tells Senate ‘Vaccine’ Can Make Virus WORSE…And Media’s Ignoring of CDC Whistle Blower on Autism Connection to MMR Vaccine

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"The mainstream media has completely ignored reporting this, and it is possibly the most concerning thing Fauci has said to date, related to the issue of a 'vaccine' for Covid-19...To say the least, such a general admission out of Fauci's mouth in front of a Senate panel about vaccines is exceedingly revealing about the truth regarding the potential dangers surrounding vaccines - especially if one already has a weakened or lowered immune system, even if one does NOT have major underlying chronic health issues. Fortunately, this WAS reported in the Washington Examiner, in an article by Spencer Neale entitled: FAUCI WARNS CERTAIN CORONAVIRUS VACCINATIONS COULD 'ENHANCE THE NEGATIVE EFFECT OF THE INFECTION' "

2 04, 2020

Fact Checking the UNNECESSARY HYSTERIA Created by the Media Over Covid-19

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"There is a big difference between the word 'hoax' and the word 'hype'. Obviously the novel Corona virus is real and is not any kind of 'hoax'. But it IS being massively HYPED in a huge way by the media right now as part of a political agenda, and there's no excuse for it. There's also no excuse for the threat that hype and manufactured hysteria is becoming to Americans' precious freedom and independence, both social and economic. "


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