8 02, 2017


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"...Yes, the Bill of Rights, UNBELIEVABLE, what a piece of Liberal work! I had no idea that the common people in America managed to get that much out of the Rockefellers! And it includes all MEXICANS, BLACKS and MUSLIMS? Are you serious? Look, everybody who’s anybody knows the only people with any “rights” in this country are members of SAG and the Hollywood Writers Guild."

11 01, 2016

Casual “POKING”on Facebook Requires Clarity

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"I mean, the details are purposefully vague... Wouldn't you expect Facebook to at least make it clear with what I was poked with...HOW MANY TIMES I was poked... and precisely WHERE I was poked...I didn't just fall off the Apple I-phone boat yesterday, I know it's very unlikely they poked me in my ear, you know what I'm saying? And what is the proper "POKING PROTOCOL?" Do you have some obligation as a 'pokee' to the 'poker'? There's probably some expected response, and I am afraid I may have unintentionally come off like a bitch... Cause I know if I poked someone (I don't know what I'd poke them with, I guess maybe my finger) I'd want to snuggle a little and chat for a bit probably. So I worry since I had no idea I was poked, that I may have come off very rude."

25 11, 2014

America: Overdosed on STUPID?

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"More importantly, how can we call ourselves 'progressive', especially you liberals who love to use that term to describe yourselves, and at the same time seek to profit from legalizing something so dangerous and unhealthy for young people?"

3 09, 2013

If They Don’t Want a Drum Circle at Abercrombie in the Mall, They Should Turn OFF the DANCE MIX Drum Beat!

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...if "Abercrombie and Filthy Itch" is going to ALWAYS have that driving bass and drum beat going like the backing track to almost every Lady Gaga tune, what do they expect is going to happen from mall shoppers?? OF COURSE customers are going to form a DRUM CIRCLE. And it is NOT COOL to TAZE the Energizer Bunny...After all, it was a special honor that he even showed up and joined in with us, and you can't just expect him to stop when you order him to, right??...

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