6 10, 2012

OBama Gets Bin Laden, Romney Pledges to Take Out BIG BIRD??

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“What in the world was OBama writing?” Chris Matthews blathered on his show at nauseum the day after the debate…Chris, he was probably reluctantly writing another Executive Order to Seal Team 6: “Can you guys believe this… Taking out Bin Laden wasn’t good enough for these ingrates, they’d rather have Big Bird??…SO GET IT DONE BEFORE THE ELECTION!”

21 10, 2010


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We overlook the following truth at our peril as Americans: Super corporations can be much more tyrannical than government. Therefore it is not anti-capitalism to suggest they be limited or ‘regulated’. Such a necessary common sense economic policy is NOT ‘socialism’, but merely PROTECTING free enterprise for all, not just for the elite...

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