24 12, 2018


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"Enough with the many lies of Christianity, lies that pollute and stand in the way of understanding real spiritual truth, real healing and real forgiveness that has NO element of condemnation. Lies by men, fraudulently masquerading as "God's Word", that create a horribly harmful block to waking up to our ONENESS WITH GOD, all of us in all our diversity, being a HOLY PART OF what "God" is, not separate in any way from what is Divine...The date of Jesus’ birth is, as I said above, only yet another of many such examples of this dishonest fraudulent practice that is the origin of the ‘Christian myth’…That is what Christianity is, only a theft of age old widely held myths of much older cultures, that were co-opted and deliberately plagiarized for the purpose of controlling the masses by the founders of the Roman Catholic church."

31 07, 2016

Don’t Be The Embarrassed TRUMP VOTER For Rest of Your Life

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"It says something much more damning about YOU, when you as an American voter overlook such consistently ugly, corrupt facts about someone, and choose to support them like they are the "Second Coming". You aren't doing so unaware...You are aligning yourself with those same extremely corrupt, UNAMERICAN, UNDEMOCRATIC, lack of character qualities."

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