14 10, 2017


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"The 'NIMBY' (not in my backyard) angry denigrating of the homeless in Sacramento by individuals in practically every area of our town has been allowed to go unchecked for too long by city and county politicians. Too many of our elected leaders have historically been more worried about alienating voters in their districts on this issue, than leading with the necessary solutions the majority of citizens know are critical and necessary to properly deal with the homeless epidemic we are facing."

6 10, 2017

What Would Jesus Say to “The Landpark Society” About Their Harassment of our Homeless?

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"Homeless people seeking help have it bad enough without those who have it SO GOOD making it so much harder for them to get help and services to get back on their feet again. The TRUTH is, those like Curry who behave and speak in such a selfish way in the face of so much dire need, end up revealing themselves to be the REAL 'undesirables' in a community that knows it is long overdue that we rise to the challenge and provide shelter and services for these suffering 'down but not out' neighbors of ours."

28 09, 2017

With Upcoming Sacramento Sheriff Election, Major Change Needed in Culture of Law Enforcement (Part 1)

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"It has never been more clear that NOW is the time to make some major organizational and philosophy changes from the top down in law enforcement here in our own community going forward...Those changes must begin with retraining those that want to be police officers and deputy sheriffs, that if you want to remain in this career, then your dutiful and respectful actions and demeanor will DAILY demonstrate that you understand the following axiom loud and clear: ALL Sacramento citizens are not just who you patrol...They ARE 'the police' and they have extended an honor to you to be their 'citizen ambassadors' in this career, on their behalf...The citizenry are who you WORK for. There is no more ‘blue line’. There is no more ‘us against them’ mentality."

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