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The Connie Bryan Show November 22nd 2020 “Recall Governor Newsom”

On this hard hitting “We the People” special edition, among a lot of other HOT TOPICS, Connie takes you live to the State Capitol of California and interviews several local citizens on the spot about whether Gov. Newsom should be recalled for his abuse of power in office.

Top Canadian Pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson Exposes Massive Media & Political Fraud Behind Covid-19

Youtube CENSORED my first attempt to share this powerfully illuminating clip with you from one of Canada’s top pathologists/virologists Dr. Roger Hodkinson, also a general practitioner in Canada, and actually the OWNER OF HIS OWN COVID-19 PCR TEST COMPANY, as he recently participated in a Canadian government Zoom call meeting, bravely EXPOSING THE MASSIVE MEDIA AND POLITICAL FRAUD behind Covid-19, calling it the ‘biggest fraud ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.” As the owner of his own Covid-19 testing company, he goes AGAINST his own profit interest in exposing the absurd high number of false positives of the PCR tests, saying they are being manipulated to create mass hysteria that needs to stop, and he explains that the masks as he put it ‘ARE UTTERLY USELESS’. This is MUST SEE VIEWING for everyone, courtesy of…Please share with as many people as you can!

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Let’s begin with the FALSE Danger…And in doing so, let me first say that judging by the heavy THANKSGIVING WEEKEND TRAFFIC to celebrate this [...]

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L.A.P.D. Police Academy Training Video on “Proper Use of the Flashlignt”

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