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Connie Bryan’s Standup Set: “Bank Robbers Today”

I am not posting much anymore to Youtube, sadly due to their unAmerican, insane monopoly corporate censorship they’ve been engaging in for a long time now, and their inexcusable shadow-banning of my show ‘The Connie Bryan Show’…

They are regularly doing this to anyone who demonstrates that they are effective at bringing ‘truth to power’ to the massive amount of corruption and fraud in the system we are witnessing today more than ever…For many years now and worse in the last 5 years especially, they engage in this shadow-banning and censorship regarding content that simply goes against their Big Tech (in partnership with Big Pharma) ‘monopoly corporate narrative’, a ‘narrative’ which is most often entirely dishonest and fraudulent propaganda.

So with that said, please look for most of my new content, including my comedy and all of my regular episodes of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ over the last few years on, where there seems to still be at least some degree of free speech…

This particular video is a rare Youtube post of mine… It’s a compilation from two different appearances, one at ‘The Ice House’ in Pasadena, and the other at Sudwerk Brewery in Sacramento, featuring my standup set on ‘Bank Robbers Today’: (Excerpt: “Just a tip, be careful if you type your robbery note on your smart phone and try to use the ‘bump & share’ feature with the bank teller…I tried that, and that teller glass is WAY TOO THICK…You are gonna CRACK YOUR SCREEN!”)

The Connie Bryan Show March 2023: Biden Admits Arming Ukraine Is WW3

One of Connie’s hardest hitting ‘truth to power’ episodes to date…The show opens with a clip of President Biden in 2022 admitting that arming Ukraine with tanks would be “World War 3″…Then Connie continues with another very funny installment in her ongoing ‘Ghost to Ghost AM’ Art Bell impersonation series, this time with ‘Art’ interviewing a top member of both Chinese and American intelligence in trying to get to the truth about the nature of the Chinese spy balloon…after which Connie calls out the corrupt ‘Deep State’ & NATO powers that be, pulling the strings of the Biden administration, for NEEDLESSLY taking the world closer to nuclear holocaust than we have been since the Cuban missile crisis in the 60’s. Connie brings the heat like never before detailing the corrupt nature of this war largely caused by the U.S. and NATO, and how it must STOP NOW! Connie spells out the strong ‘world healing’ leadership, diplomacy and COOPERATION that must replace the current corrupt leaders we have at the present who are owned and controlled by an elite global corporate cartel at the expense of ‘We the People’…This is the ‘MUST SEE TV’ that NBC DOESN’T WANT you to see!

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