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The Connie Bryan Show December 2022 What is “NORMAL?”

On this very hard hitting December truth to power episode, Connie opens the show with her special performance of Charlie Brown’s “Christmastime Is Here”…Then she turns up the heat, playing a clip of a former CIA agent admitting how the CIA routinely controls the news media by creating intentionally false ‘disinformation’…Connie reads a shocking admission from a book detailing the philosophy of the U.N., written by the FIRST Director General of the United Nations organization ‘UNESCO’ (Julian Huxley) in which he boldly admits that the philosophy of the United Nations is not only a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, but he calls for a ONE WORLD TRADITION. Then ‘stuff’ gets more real as Connie tackles the topic of “What is Normal?”, beginning with her detailing of what is NOT normal.

The Connie Bryan Show November 2022 Time for the “AMERICAN PARTY”

On this very hard hitting episode, Connie details the dire importance of how We the People must take our country back from the massive corruption of the globalist elites’ Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Banking corporate monopoly control of our elected representatives. Connie explains how BOTH major parties, Republican and Democrat, are captured and compromised by the globalist elites’ agenda of world control, and it is time for a NEW PARTY for We the People…”THE AMERICAN PARTY!” Connie also goes in depth on Google and Youtube’s past and recent dishonest personal attack and censorship of her show.

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“What is NORMAL?”

What is 'Normal'? When we insist on going 'BACK TO NORMAL NOW!' (My 'We the People' outreach Facebook group I invite you to join [...]

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