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The Connie Bryan Show: Herd Stupidity vs. Herd Immunity

MUST SEE VIEWING…Connie begins this powerful episode with actual footage proving the Capitol Police shooting of Ashli Babbitt was staged and coordinated in advance…Also Connie exposes the monumental fraud of Dr. Fauci and ‘Covid-19’, and she compares and contrasts the current approach of ‘HERD STUPIDITY’ verses the proper approach called for in ‘The Great Barrington Declaration’ of ‘HERD IMMUNITY’.

The Connie Bryan Show: Connie’s ‘MASK REBELLION’ Inside PETCO!

Very funny short episode of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ taped on February 7th, 2021…PETS can transmit viruses too! Connie takes you along on her recent ‘mask rebellion’ resistance outing, with her Sacramento group ‘BACK TO NORMAL NOW!’… Connie channels her inner ‘Larry David’ as she decides to hold Petco to the flame for their double standard of not requiring DOGS to wear masks too! Following the ‘mask resistance’ event, Connie airs two very compelling interviews from two of the members of ‘Back to Normal Now’ who moved to the U.S. from a Communist country.

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“An OUNCE of Patriotism”

At my New Years Eve party, we had a very misinformed, misguided twenty something young JOE BIDEN FANATIC who, to his credit was somewhat [...]

Enjoy Some Unforgettable Classics Including Connie’s Interview with Comedy Legend Jonathan Winters

Larry David Impersonation by Connie Bryan

Dr. Laura Impersonation by Connie Bryan

L.A.P.D. Police Academy Training Video on “Proper Use of the Flashlignt”

Connie Bryan Jonathan Winters Interview

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