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The Connie Bryan Show: History of the Globalists & Their Agenda of World Control Exposed PART EIGHT

In PART EIGHT of the series, one of Connie’s most illuminating and hard hitting ‘truth to power’ episodes to date, we begin with more clips from impeccably credentialed top doctors, including Dr. Robert Malone the INVENTOR OF MRNA TECHNOLOGY, sounding the alarm on the deadly dangers of this Covid-19 experimental MRNA gene therapy shot, ESPECIALLY FOR CHILDREN. Then Connie introduces her viewers to one of the most diabolical ‘front men’ for the global elites and their New World Order agenda, Zbigniew Brzezinski, former U.S. National Security Advisor under President Jimmy Carter. Connie reads admitted mind blowing quotes from Brzezinski’s book ‘Between Two Ages’ where he effusively PRAISES those he refers to as the global ‘transnational elites’, while simultaneously DENIGRATING the common citizenry of nation states seeking to preserve their liberty and sovereignty. Connie reads the shocking quote of Brzezinski calling for the PSYCHOLOGICAL CONTROL of those masses, and then actually suggesting the ‘tempting’ possibility of using newly discovered brain control techniques in that effort, to include electronic ‘STROKE CAUSING’ weapons on mass populations in selective areas. They don’t hide their dystopic world design ‘agenda’, you just have to know where to look to find it.

The Connie Bryan Show: History of the Globalists & Their Agenda of World Control Exposed PART SEVEN

In this very eye opening PART SEVEN, Connie begins with a few powerful must see clips from TOP DOCTORS including cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough and INVENTOR of MRNA technology Dr. Robert Malone, now strongly warning the public of the serious dangers of the Covid-19 ‘fake vaccines’, followed by Dr. Heather Gesling discussing Big Pharma’s corrupt deal with the govt dating back to 1986, when Dr. Fauci helped them push through the ‘National Childhood Vaccination Injury Act’ which guarantees Big Pharma TOTAL IMMUNITY FROM ALL LIABILITY for ANY injury or death caused by their ‘vaccines’. Then Connie goes deeper into the history of the globalists agenda of world control, exposing former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and his 1974 ‘National Security Memorandum 200’ where he called for a U.S. national policy of global ‘DEPOPULATION’, specifically targeting ‘THE YOUTH’ of third world countries which the U.S. desired to exploit for their natural resources.

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