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The Connie Bryan Show January 20th, 2021: Biden Inaugurated / America Is Compromised

Connie begins this powerful episode with the warning from President Eisenhower about guarding against dangerous misplaced power, she addresses the fraudulent election of an illegitimate President who is a compromised Chinese agent, and she details what We the People have to do at the LOCAL LEVEL to save our Republic from the existential threat it is facing from an attempted overthrow from within.

The Connie Bryan Show Jan. 12th, 2021: Connie BULLHORNS the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors on Behalf of Small Businesses

Powerful mini-documentary episode of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ taped live on January 12th, 2021…The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors has SHAMEFULLY used ‘COVID-19’ as their EXCUSE to BAN all in person public comments from the public they serve…So Connie, on behalf of Sacramento SMALL BUSINESSES that the Board has unreasonably and inexcusably shut down, disrupted their exclusive ‘IVORY TOWER MEETING’ for 20 minutes, holding her own ‘public comments’ with her BULL HORN, right outside their chamber window.

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“An OUNCE of Patriotism”

At my New Years Eve party, we had a very misinformed, misguided twenty something young JOE BIDEN FANATIC who, to his credit was somewhat [...]

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L.A.P.D. Police Academy Training Video on “Proper Use of the Flashlignt”

Connie Bryan Jonathan Winters Interview

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