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Connie Bryan Performs ZZ Top’s ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ & ‘Gimme All Your Lovin’

Connie Bryan performs two of the most iconic Classic Rock hits by one of her favorite groups, ZZ Top.

The Connie Bryan Show March 14th 2021: The Truth Is Found in the MIDDLE Ground

The most powerful truth to power episode of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ to date, exposing the huge hypocrisy, mass propaganda and lies on BOTH the radical ‘LEFT’ and the evangelical conservative far ‘Right’. Connie delivers an eye opening message on spiritual truth & liberty, verses the lies of ‘The Big Three’ organized religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam that continue to be the primary roadblock to REAL SPIRITUAL AWAKENING and world peace for humanity.

Connie Bryan’s Second “WAYNE’S WORLD” Comedy Sketch: Connie Impersonates Mike Myers (Wayne Campbell) & Howard Stern

Connie’s blockbuster sequel to her original “Wayne’s World” parody is a hilarious ‘gender-bending’ dual impersonation of Mike Myers(Wayne Campbell) and Howard Stern…Wayne is depressed to be without his best friend and sidekick ‘Garth’ due to Covid 19, and has decided to do the show solo for the first time in ‘Wayne’s World’ history…Howard Stern is his surprise guest on the show, and in a very funny back and forth exchange, the two proceed to eviscerate the un-American germaphobic ‘MASK MARXISTS’ on the Left who have lost their minds!

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