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The Connie Bryan Show December 2023: ‘Lies of Control’ Part Two

Some of Connie’s most powerful content to date…In this PART TWO edition of her new series ‘LIES OF CONTROL’, the show begins with Connie’s hard hitting and very funny standup set in which she holds a ‘SUNDAY SCHOOL’ class live on stage at ‘The Comedy Spot’ and teaches the TRUE story of ‘Abraham & Isaac’, followed by a quick summary of Part One for new viewers, and a powerful and eye opening video clip of Edward Snowden (from a recent interview w/ John Stossel) breaking down the active, covert agenda by Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook & Big Tech to both PROFILE and CONTROL your behavior, validating exactly the same thing Connie said in Part One of this series. Connie discusses her book ‘HOLY LIBEL’ in more depth and brings the heat and the facts in exposing the lies of the Bible, while replacing them with the powerful knowledge of where TRUE healing and spiritual truth are found. This is the REAL ‘Must See TV’…Please help me overcome the Big Tech shadow banning algorithms I’m always contending with by sharing wherever you can.

Connie Bryan’s Indie Rock Single “SUMMER IN STOCKTON”

I wrote this song after I moved to Northern California…It’s about trying to make it in the music business in the middle of a very intense heat wave during Summer in Stockton, all while being overcome with the same intense level of loneliness over missing someone you love. TURN UP THE VOLUME, this song has great energy!

The Connie Bryan Show November 2023: “LIES OF CONTROL”

The November 2023 edition of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ begins with Connie’s very funny talk radio sketch and impersonation of late night talk radio legend ‘Art Bell’ hammering Starbucks for their recent unlawful firing of employees who tried to start a union…followed by PART ONE in Connie’s new special series ‘LIES OF CONTROL’…Among many other powerful & hard hitting topics exposing the massive corruption of Google, Amazon and Big Tech in general, Connie gets very personal as she talks about her new book ‘Holy Libel’, and the shocking dishonest targeting of her book by Amazon, blocking her from advertising it on the platform. To close the show, Connie shows shocking evidence of a leaked internal Google training video admitting the artificial intel algorithms they are perfecting in not just predicting users’ behavior, but actually CONTROLLING users’ thinking and behavior, which they actually refer to as ‘BEHAVIORAL SEQUENCING’. This is the real ‘MUST SEE TV’.


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