The key to your happiness and “salvation” is unconditional forgiveness of everyone. EVERYONE in your life…no grudges held…that is the key to “salvation”. What this means is, EVERYONE IS SAVED. If you are a Christian or a Muslim who believes you are saved and others are not, you are living a lie and sadly are powerless to help heal your life, let alone anyone else’s life and point them to happiness and joy. 

Christianity was created by men as was Islam, with lies that have over two thousand years fostered nothing but hatred, division, genocide and war. The famous passage in the Bible many recall of “by their fruits you will know them” is ironic, because the “fruits” of these two religions have been religious bigotry, condemnation, and “CONDITIONAL” forgiveness that only applies if you believe their specific faith. But true unconditional love and forgiveness cannot have ANY condemnation. The one cancels out the other…the real “Good News”…The true “Gospel” is this: There never has, nor ever will be any condemnation. 

This is where one begins to learn about true spirituality. It is akin to the little boy in the news recently who, being deaf from birth, was helped by modern medical science to hear his father’s voice for the first time. There is a viral video showing this moment that is monumentally joyful and tear-jerking. 

Learning for the first time what I’m sharing with you here is akin to suddenly and miraculously realizing you can hear your father’s or mother’s voice for the first time in your life. The moment you realize you have NEVER been a ‘sinful’ condemned soul hanging in the balance of some never-seen exterior God’s judgment, as “he” waits to see whether or not you chose the right belief – the moment you realize how that certainly does not reflect a God of Love and forgiveness, and that you have ALWAYS been and ALWAYS WILL BE a Holy part of what God is – that is spiritually like what that little boy experienced with being able to hear for the first time. 

If you believe that all others are going to Hell who don’t believe like you, you have not had any kind of “rebirth”. You are lying to yourself and everyone around you, no matter how many other likeminded friends you surround yourself with who share such beliefs. That belief in condemnation cannot be reconciled with unconditional forgiveness and unconditional love. In your heart of hearts, there is an innate knowingness that this is true. 

Unconditional love cannot do anything but always forgive…ALWAYS. Which means, if you believe in a ‘judgment day’…that is included in ‘always’. That day isn’t any different. Yet Christians and Muslims have been brainwashed to believe the opposite. That is the big lie of the main religions on this planet, and those buying into it are destined to live very unhappy lives until they learn the lesson I’m talking about here. 

Everything is Forgiven…EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in your life. All is forgiven because ALL are part of the Divine – Divinity EQUALS Diversity. ALL are ‘saved’ – NONE are ‘separate’ from what God is. THAT IS THE REASON WHY ALL ARE UNCONDITONALLY FORGIVEN, because that which is a part of God cannot be condemned or ‘separate’ from God. It is insane hypocrisy on a monumental level to believe otherwise. 

As I said above, Christianity teaches the opposite…its hallmark is fearfully instilling and teaching the monstrous lie that is condemnation. And though it teaches of forgiveness, the lie it teaches about forgiveness is that it is ‘conditional’ on becoming a Christian at the exclusion of all others and all other faiths. 

At a bare minimum, if you hold such a belief, you are not living as a good person. Ironically, Christianity is quick to point out that in their opinion, you don’t avoid going to hell by being a good person. So that is laughable because Christians who choose to hold such condemning beliefs with their faith toward othes are absolutely being very bad people. They desperately need to hear for the first time like the little boy in my example.

In closing, let me put it another way. It takes NO DISCIPLINE whatsoever to think you can become a Christian, go around claiming you have been ‘born again’, and consequently look on everyone else as beneath you – meaning looking on them as ‘unsaved’ and ‘unforgiven’ like you. That takes ZERO discipline. 

However, it takes real discipline to leave the hypocrisy of condemnation behind, and to learn that you are a part of God along with EVERYONE else, including those you have the biggest problems with, or who seem the most opposite from you. True Spirituality – Unconditional Love – will teach you that discipline as you desire it and seek it within yourself, to learn that all things are forgiven, ALWAYS…even those of different beliefs, and even those who have betrayed you in life shattering ways. 

True salvation and happiness comes from this: We ‘save’ each other unconditionally as we awaken to the truth that we are all a part of what God is, and we can never be separate or divided from the Divine. Man makes those ‘divisions’ and ‘conditions’ up, not God. Man makes up beliefs in condemnation – but unconditional love never conceives of such hate and unforgiveness.

Connie Bryan