In the Bible, who wrote the book of “Matthew”? Most Christians laugh at such a question and reply that OF COURSE Matthew wrote it… After all they remind you, the title says “The Gospel of Matthew”! Yes, the actual TITLE of the book says “Gospel of Matthew”. So of course shouldn’t one be correct in interpreting at least by the book’s title that Matthew wrote it? If the authorship of the book was an honest one, the answer would be a resounding YES. 

However, it is an established fact, admitted by all theologians and Bible scholars, that not just Matthew, but every one of the “Gospels” was NOT written by either Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. Yet very few Christians know this, because those few Christians and church leaders who do ignore this fact like the plague. So how can it be anything but a huge lie that just the title alone states: “Gospel of Matthew”, or “Gospel of Mark”, etc?

I was raised in the Christian church, and quickly even as a child began to see many things very wrong in the Bible that were extremely hypocritical, in absolute contradiction with each other all over the place, and that quite often did not reflect forgiveness or love. On the contrary, much of the teaching in the Bible reflects the exact opposite, a God that arbitrarily endorses vengeance and hate, the opposite of love and forgiveness. 

Anyway, you need to understand that “The Gospel of Matthew” is not in fact the Gospel of Matthew. It was written by men in the early forming of the Roman Catholic church who decided to “craft” the “Christian” faith for political and societal control, and led everyone to believe for many, many centuries that the “disciples of Jesus” actually WROTE the books, this later being completely proven not to be the case. 

The books were written a hundred, in a couple cases over 200 years or more after the time all the disciples were alive. For overall integrity reasons, doesn’t ANY book have an obligation to make something like that clear, but on the CONTRARY, the writers used the very title to PRETEND that it was written by Jesus’ disciples. 

This is one of the biggest, most disturbing lies of the Bible, and just the beginning of how replete the Bible is with man-made concoction of false teachings, claiming to be “HOLY”. 

This is the first building block to understanding that the Bible is replete with manmade teachings of condemnation of all other faiths, etc…not Divine teaching of unconditional love and forgiveness. Lastly, the cornerstone manmade teaching in the “Gospels” is that all those who don’t share the CHRISTIAN belief are ‘not saved’ and are damned and worthy of eternal ‘condemnation’. Does that sound like a teaching that can come from a God that teaches first and foremost to always be loving and forgiving in ALL THINGS? 

Such a teaching is impossible to reconcile if you believe God (Jesus) is unconditionally loving and forgiving. Love and forgiveness can have NO condemnation associated with it whatsoever. DON’T FORGET, that teaching of God’s condemnation of all other faiths is a manmade dogma present in many other manmade religions as well. It seems to be a common tendency of mankind to look down on others who are different than them, and that tendency as it relates to racism is no different when it comes to religion.

By the way, running to your pastor or elders to get them to assure you that “The Gospel of Matthew” is written by Matthew doesn’t make it so. That is just burying your head in the sand, refusing to grow up and get rid of your “Linus security blanket” and accepting lies so that you can go on believing a bigoted man made teaching of condemnation toward all other faiths. That is not, shall we say, “CHRISTLIKE”. But then again, very little of the Bible is for that matter.