ConnieHdshtSmallFile1WHO gives you a marriage license if you want to get married? The answer to this question ENDS any and all argument by Christians against gay marriage.

I swear to God if I hear one more mouth-breathing FOX news watching Bible-thumper criticize marriage equality for gay people by saying “marriage is a religious institution” I’m going to…well I don’t know yet, but I’ll let you know when I figure out what I’m going to do…it’s really going to be something though!

These hateful individuals don’t ever let FACTS interfere with their religious bigotry, all in the name of “God”. So, here’s the answer to that critical question resulting in the fact that they don’t want to hear…WHO gives you the marriage license when a man and a woman want to get married? Is it the church? OF COURSE NOT! The marriage license is given to you by THE STATE! (The church is but one of many permitted institutions allowed the authority by the STATE to marry people) Obviously, then, marriage is absolutely the opposite of a religious institution.

This is precisely why we have SEPARATION of church and state in America. If the church was the institution that allowed you to get married and gave you the marriage license, you would have a point…but that’s akin to saying “if the Earth was really only 5000 years old, and if there were no dinosaurs, and snakes could talk like the one in the Bible story of the Garden of Eden, your Christian beliefs would be called “science”. Again, just more FACTS that these individuals don’t ever let interfere with their “holy” beliefs that practice ugly discrimination in the name of God, and that they teach to their children.

What’s amazingly harmful about “belief” is that it allows one to not have to “think” for themselves. But “faith” WITHOUT critical thinking is like “freedom” WITHOUT “responsibility”.

And if you are thinking, “She must be a LESBIAN to take the time to care about gay people”, you’d be wrong. We all need to care about each other, despite our differences. DIVERSITY equals DIVINITY. We are all spiritual brothers and sisters, and we all deserve equal freedom.

Another FACT that gets in the way of these bigots with their Bibles is the Fourteenth Ammendment of the Consitution which guarantees this. It specifically guarantees equality under the law to ALL citizens, not just straight people, not just “CHRISTIANS”…ALL people.

We are not a CHRISTIAN NATION, we are a diverse nation of people who, apart from any specific religious belief, all have similar goals and dreams…who all have the same needs, who all laugh and cry for the same reasons, who all need each other’s love and acceptance for the same reasons…It’s a concept called the GOLDEN RULE, which was around a LONG time before the Bible was ever written by a politically motivated early form of the Roman Catholic church.

It is well documented now by Bible scholars that the Bible was written by politically warring factions of men, not God. It was written by bigoted men who were very intent on subjugating women to the status of second class citizens, who wanted to portray “God” as endorsing slavery and encouraging imperial wars of conquest of “pagans” and “unbelievers”, etc, and who first and foremost wanted to control the masses like sheep through fear of a conjured up condemning and damning God…But this is yet just another critical fact that many choose to ignore, as they hold onto their “beliefs” like Linus’ security blanket in the Charlie Brown comics.

Connie Bryan
Connie Bryan is a comedian and editorial writer in Sacramento, CA.
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