TheresaMayIn the wake of the recent London Bridge terror attack…What do you think Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May means when she says there is too much tolerance toward “extremism” in our country?

The very critical thing to understand, and that is currently considered ‘politically incorrect’ by many Liberals and the mainstream media, is that generally these violent acts are NOT viewed by the attackers as ‘terrorism’ per se…They are intended and carried out as a RELIGIOUS/CULTURAL WAR against all ‘infidels’, especially Christians and Jews, around the world.

KoranIt is critical to begin to face the hard and unpopular truth that these acts we routinely refer to as ‘terrorism’ are seen by the Muslims committing them simply as an obedient EXPRESSION OF MUSLIM FAITH, as called for SPECIFICALLY in the Koran. To deny this fundamental truth is political correctness gone ‘off the reservation!’

Liberals and the mainstream media are doing a severe disservice to humanity in ignoring this truth, effectively burying their heads in the sand about it, and calling others ‘bigots’ who refuse to follow in their misguided, politically correct “ostrich footsteps” (as ostriches have the stereotype of wanting to bury their heads in the sand:)

Western media has seized on and relentlessly hypes the word ‘terrorism’ to describe these violent acts of Muslim religious faith for maximum ratings. Whenever there is such a faith-based act of ‘religious war’ by Muslims, the media almost seems to become a ‘partner’ of sorts, with the dutiful way they immediately eclipse all other important news, and give the attackers WALL TO WALL, worldwide nonstop coverage for HOURS UPON HOURS, and often DAYS UPON DAYS.

Have we learned nothing of how that kind of media ‘glorification’ was motivating more young men to copycat the mass killers of Columbine and the like? Such over-exposed attention to each extremist act is a GIGANTIC contributor to the problem. This is a no brainer.

If you don’t think it does, keep in mind that it has just been reported by the Brits that the individuals responsible for the London Bridge attack were COPYCATS of the previous attack in Britain in which a van and knives were used. EVEN THEIR SUICIDE VESTS WERE FAKES! They were obsessed with ‘acting’ like the non-stop blockbuster movie coverage that had been hyped and glorified by the media in the process.

There is an insane amount of ratings driven hypocrisy and lack of intellectual honesty behind all of this. This is one of the areas that moderate Progressives like myself find solid common ground with moderate Conservatives. It is time to face the hard truth, and that is what Prime Minister Theresa May is trying to say when she says there is too much ‘tolerance for extremism.’

ExtremistKoranFIRST AND FOREMOST, we have to stop allowing the media and dishonest Liberals to ignore the Islamic FAITH-BASED nature of these violent acts at their core, as such faith-based acts of religious war are plainly and repeatedly called for in the Muslim Koran.

When you understand that truth, you can begin to grasp how those committing such ‘faith based’ violent acts DO NOT see themselves necessarily as terrorists. Quite the contrary, they see themselves entirely as obedient followers of Allah…fulfilling Mohammed’s teaching that such acts are necessary in the ‘end times’, and actually demanded by Allah in order to create their worldwide Muslim ‘Caliphate’, bringing ‘Sharia Law’ by force to the entire world.

Rather than seeing themselves as ‘terrorists’ (as our media loves to call it in dishonestly removing this religious faith equation) they see themselves as obedient and holy PRACTITIONERS OF THEIR FAITH…as ‘martyrs’ who will receive an eternal reward in heaven from Allah.

That belief is FUNDAMENTAL ISLAM, as taught fundamentally in the scriptures of the Koran. There are a lot of people who are actively trying to deny that truth right now, and that is not just misguided ‘tolerance’ of a religion, it is insanely dangerous and irresponsible! Because we cannot ever begin to address and heal such hateful divisive thinking as long as we lie to each other and PRETEND IT IS SOMETHING ELSE!

Now please follow me on this next point, because here’s where the truth gets even more unpopular…

BibleKoranThisMeansWarPicHistorically, this kind of ‘faith-based’ violence (that others outside of said faith always see as ‘terrorism’) has not been isolated to just Islam and the teachings in the Koran! As I said above, it is rooted in religious ‘end times’ teaching and fear-mongering. That said, WHERE ELSE do we find that ‘end times’ teaching and fear-mongering? You guessed it…The BIBLE!

I was talking with a good friend of mine recently, and he made the correct observation that MOST people who call themselves Christians don’t really know what the Bible says about their faith…

BibleKoranThey also don’t know about the EXACT SAME KIND of violent faith-based mass killing of ‘infidels/unbelievers’ committed over and over by both Jews and Christians all throughout history. This is because most people don’t like to READ anymore, as many recent polls and studies have reported.

Such mass killings and ‘holy genocide’ of ‘unbelievers’ are supposedly authorized and demanded by the God of the Jews all throughout the Old Testament (See Joshua chapter 6 and the story of Jericho for but one of countless examples)

For but just a few examples:

CathInquisitionChristians and the Catholic Church engaged in their mass
faith-based killing in the interest of their own ‘worldwide Christian Caliphate’ during the Crusades, in the Great Inquisition, and in the genocidal killing of millions and millions of Native Americans who naturally fought to protect their homeland and refused to ‘convert’ to Christianity when Christians invaded North, South and Central America, conquering it ‘in the name of God’…These were nothing but similar ‘caliphate’ faith-based religious acts just like what is taught to Muslims in the Koran.

In closing, understand that there is NO MORE IMPORTANT topic than this in our world today. If like me, you want nothing more than to bring healing and peace to mankind, it is time that you faced the uncomfortable truth regarding the DIVISIVE nature of organized religion…

MotherOfPeaceBOTH Judeo/Christianity AND Islam are what has constantly stood in the way of uniting humanity and allowing for world peace. All they do is DIVIDE with their sick and bigoted man-made teaching that MASQUERADES as “God’s” teaching, that their beliefs (BOTH Christian AND Muslim alike) are the ONLY true belief, and that all who don’t convert are worthy of condemnation in the eyes of God.

HellpicI am saddened and embarrassed to say that my own mother embraces such condemning Bible beliefs as an ‘evangelical Christian’, rooted in those very teachings found all throughout the King James Bible…That all others who don’t convert to Christianity are ‘infidels’ and will be destroyed by the armies of Jesus upon his return, etc…

As I spelled out above, this kind of belief is the SAME as the fundamental teachings in the Koran fueling these violent faith-based acts by Muslims. It is nothing short of a miracle that I was ‘saved’ from my mother trying to cram such religious hate and bigotry down my throat as a child.

This is at the root of what Prime Minister Theresa May is saying, when she says there is too much ‘tolerance for extremism’. It is time to stop pretending number one, that the extremism is just ‘terrorism’ and not an obedient FAITH-BASED act to standard fundamental teachings in the Islamic faith…and number two, that the extremism is LIMITED to Islam…

HeavenHellPicThe extremism is fundamentally found in each of the main religious teachings, and has produced this kind of genocidal worldwide war and violence, falsely in the ‘name of God/Allah’ for thousands of years. It is time to confront it in ALL forms of religion for the MAN MADE hate and bigotry that it is.

As long as we don’t face that ‘unpopular truth’, we are lying to ourselves, and in such misplaced ‘tolerance’, we not only will be continuing to ignore the ONE path toward HEALING the problem, but we will be as guilty of enabling it as the mainstream media is when they in effect glorify every violent act with wall to wall coverage for ratings.

Connie Bryan

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