A question that cuts to the root of the mass corruption in the media coverage of Covid-19 that I have been covering is this: Why are critically relevant and important news stories completely IGNORED by the mainstream cable ‘news’ channels, like the recent revelation that Dr. Fauci actually FUNDED the Chinese Wuhan virus manipulation experiments with 7.4 MILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS over the LAST SIX YEARS?? 

This story was fortunately covered by two reputable news magazines in the last week, one being “Newsweek” and the other being the U.K.’s “Daily Mail”. But do you think most people have a subscription to those magazines, reputable though they are? This is the perfect example showcasing the threat we are facing right now with the deliberate manufactured lies, hype and disinformation about this ‘virus’, and with a lot of the dishonesty in the media being LIES BY OMISSION.

As soon as this news broke, the Trump administration couldn’t announce fast enough that they were STOPPING any further funding of the lab. This news apparently blindsided them in a huge way, after Trump had been railing against the virus manipulation activities at the Wuhan lab, and routinely telling the American people in his press conferences that he had seen direct intelligence evidence that showed that this version of the ‘coronavirus’ was developed there.

Low and behold, Newsweek reports about a week ago on April 30th that Dr. Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infections Diseases, and the National Institute of Health, had DIRECTLY FUNDED THAT BAT RELATED VIRUS MANIPULATION RESEARCH at the Chines Wuhan lab!

And WHERE HAS THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA COVERAGE BEEN to inform you of this monumentally important news??

They have deliberately NOT reported this COMPLICITY by Fauci (and the NIAID and the NIH) and that is DAMNING evidence, in how it reveals a strict ‘script’ or ‘narrative’ imposed on the mainstream media by their elite corporate owners behind the scenes.

I would like to share another specific example, and this one occurred on Fox News in the last couple of days. (I watch all the cable channel ‘news’ broadcasts, including MSNBC, CNN and Fox, to keep a broad perspective.)

The anchor asked a question to the so called ‘intelligence expert’ guest that was completely flawed in how it was asked of the guest…He asked the guest, ‘Do we have any proof yet that the virus WAS MANIPULATED at the Wuhan lab?’

Now, what makes that question flawed from the start is that there isn’t any question about whether the virus was or wasn’t manipulated…

We KNOW ‘coronavirus manipulation’ was the specific nature of the research at the Wuhan laboratory. AGAIN, Newsweek Magazine and The Daily Mail reported the HUGE REVELATION this week that Dr. Fauci himself was behind FUNDING the research project that was using the Wuhan lab for the specific purpose of MANIPULATING BAT RELATED CORONA VIRUSES!

This is a highly controversial, often military associated biological warfare related practice known as “GAIN OF FUNCTION” that I wrote extensively about in my last article “Dark Agenda…”

So this ‘news anchor’ had zero reason to frame the question to the guest asking IF MANIPULATION of the virus had been confirmed. Asking it that way is more dishonesty and misleading for the viewers, because it implies to the viewers that we don’t already know it as a fact that manipulation of the coronavirus was routinely going on. We DO know that. It is a news fact, but the mainstream media is deliberately avoiding including this fact in their ‘script’…I mean their ‘reporting’.

The question of course that the anchor SHOULD have asked the so called expert is: ‘Do we have any intelligence evidence that points to the Wuhan lab INTENTIONALLY RELEASING the newly manipulated corona virus?’ (or viruses, as there are said to be many strains that have been identified already in the population!)

Why does it take those of us like myself, way outside of the mainstream media, to educate readers using my articles, and viewers using my TV show on cable access and Youtube, on such critically relevant news?

Because, what you are watching on the ‘mainstream cable channels’ is NOT news…It is carefully manipulated, scripted and controlled to create a PERCEPTION of reality, not to report objective reality.

They have an ‘agenda’ that is an edict that they follow like dutiful sheep, if they want to keep their career that is. The reporters and anchors are more concerned about protecting their careers and remaining in the limelight on a ‘mainstream network’ than they are about REPORTING THE TRUTH to you.

This was and continues to be the case with the LACK of honest reporting regarding the events of 9/11.

As early as 2006, and more recently in the last few months, I have done not just one, but two powerful, eye opening shows on the events of 9/11. The most recent episode was on the 2015 declassification of “THE 28 PAGES” that were redacted from the Bipartisan Congressional Investigation Report of 9/11 – Those damning 28 pages finally, after 15 years, being DECLASSIFIED by President OBama.

Those now unredacted pages of Congress’ investigation reveal what Americans should have been informed about EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO at the time of that investigation…that the Saudi Royal Family was EXPOSED AS FINANCING the terrorists and the 9/11 attacks (If you recall, 17 of the 19 hijackers were SAUDI ARABIAN, not IRAQI)


Again, why is it left to those of us outside of the ‘mainstream’ to report something this important?

How could the media truly care about the devastating loss to the 9/11 victims and their families, and yet avoid making this information front and center in their reporting all this time??

On the contrary, when those redacted pages were declassified back in 2015(WHY would they have been REDACTED from us in the first place??) there was hardly any coverage of it, despite the fact that they contained the answer Americans have NEEDED all these years…

They contained the answer to the entire reason why we had not just one, but TWO investigations into the events of 9/11…Obviously for the purpose of determining WHO WAS BEHIND IT, and WHO FINANCED IT.

Immediately following the attacks on the Word Trade Center on 9/11, do you recall what happened with the airlines? ALL flights were GROUNDED for weeks. All except a rare few…

Do you recall who those rare few involved? Do you recall who the only flights were that were allowed to be in the skies over our country during that no fly zone order for all airlines?

You might not recall, because once again, the mainstream media, like so much other obvious damning evidence just screaming to be covered by them, purposefully ignored this…

The few rare flights that were allowed to fly during the grounding of all others were approved by President George Bush for the purpose of flying ALL members of the Saudi Royal Family, Saudi nationals, and the many relatives of Osama Bin Laden, OUT of the United States as fast as possible!

This rounding up and flying them all out of the U.S. immediately after the attacks, WITHOUT TAKING THE TIME NECESSARY FOR QUESTIONING THEM AS POTENTIAL WITNESSES OR SUSPECTS, was dutifully facilitated by none other than Bob Mueller, F.B.I. Director at the time.

Where was the mainstream news media to question such obvious damning behavior by the Bush administration and the head of the F.B.I.? Why is it left to people like myself and others outside the mainstream to try to educate you about these facts?

Speaking of making such a RARE exception to the law in order to conduct the lightning fast rounding up of potential 9/11 evidence/witnesses and getting such potential evidence out of the country…The World Trade Center was a massive CRIME SCENE.

And it wasn’t just a crime scene, it was a crime scene combined with not one but TWO plane crash scenes that REQUIRED CAREFUL PRESERVATION. The exact OPPOSITE was ordered.

Once again, this will likely be the FIRST TIME many of you learn about this, because the mainstream media deliberately did not investigate it…

But immediately after the planes hit the World Trade Center, the Bush administration speedily went about violating ALL THE LAWS regarding preserving a major crime scene, and regarding the need to conduct a careful forensic investigation of such a nationally traumatic crime against humanity.

Instead, they sent in private contractors to immediately remove all the remains of the steel columns that needed to be examined, and they removed them not just from the crime scene as fast as they could, but they exported them out of the country for scrap so they couldn’t be rounded up later!

There were actually brave, volunteer engineers and investigators at the time, running into the dangerous rubble for a quick few minutes to try to examine the crime scene and try to look for some evidence in the fleeting time they had…They would run into it between each crane load, and then run back out of the way as they saw the cranes coming back to grab more of it for removal!

Where was the so called ‘news media’ to investigate the damning question of how this immediate destruction and removal of evidence could have EVER been ordered by the Bush Administration?

Lastly on the 9/11 topic, here’s another critical point you may just be hearing for the FIRST time due to deliberate refusal of the mainstream media to cover it…

We now have not THIRTY…not just THREE HUNDRED, but now OVER THREE THOUSAND career architects and engineers who have signed a national petition stating that it is OBVIOUS that the buildings did NOT fall due to the planes crashing into them OR because of the temperatures that fire in the buildings could have caused, and that the buildings obviously came down as a result of CONTROLLED DEMOLITION…

How many of you are even aware that THREE World Trade Center steel frame buildings fell that day, not just buildings one and two? The third huge building that fell, building 7, was roughly half the height of buildings 1 and 2, and even still it would dwarf most buildings in most cities across the country.

The average reader right about now who might not have known this, is likely asking the obvious question, ‘Well how can that be, since we know only TWO buildings were hit by planes?’

EXACTLY! Now I’ll ask my question again…WHY is it left to the average American to come to that obvious disturbing conclusion when they hear about building 7, and yet the mainstream ‘news media’ has ignored the question entirely, for EIGHTEEN YEARS and counting now??

These over 3000 architects and engineers confirm that World Trade Center building 7, which was NOT hit by any plane, and had controlled, minimal fire, was clearly and obviously brought down intentionally using controlled demolition.

If you watch the footage (which you can find by doing a Google search for ‘9/11 Building 7 Collapse’) you can see all the evidence of a controlled demolition, by the way it falls at ‘freefall speed’ which only happens in a control dem, and also how it very neatly falls completely into its own footprint, another signature element only found when a building is brought down using controlled demolition.

Then, if that wasn’t enough, you have the owner of the building, Larry Silverstein, who reportedly had recently added a huge insurance policy on the building in the months prior to the attacks, who actually was quoted in a PBS news clip on THE DAY OF 9/11 (that you can still find to this day) in which he let it slip in the stress of the moment regarding building 7 falling after not being hit by any plane, that he made the decision to ‘PULL IT’…

The term ‘pull it’ is a well known industry term meaning to bring a building down using controlled demolition.

Of course, right about now, the average American learning this for the first time – The average American going and watching Silverstein make that comment – would naturally ask, ‘Well why would they need to bring down a steel building with minimal fire inside, that firefighters were on record saying was well under control?…And secondly, how could they have made all the preparation and arrangements necessary to bring it down ON THAT VERY DAY?’

EXACTLY! Once again, WHY is it left to the average American learning this information for the first time, to ask such obvious critical questions, while the mainstream news media continues to ignore those damning questions, and ignore JUSTICE for not just Americans in general, but specifically the victims of 9/11 and their families, after EIGHTEEN YEARS and counting now?

Those over 3000 architects and engineers who signed the national petition stating that all THREE of the buildings were not brought down by the planes, but were obviously brought down by controlled demolition – WELL RESPECTED ARCHITECTS and ENGINEERS, not CONSPIRACY THEORISTS – have been calling on a new, objective and honest investigation into the events of 9/11 for years now.

Once again, why haven’t most of you heard about this before from the ‘news media’, rather than learning about it here from me now?

It’s because of a dark agenda that is controlling everything in the mainstream, including what has been MASQUERADING as ‘the news’ for you…on BOTH sides of the aisle by the way, not just the LEFT.

And the paralyzing ‘panic-demic’ of fear that was PLANNED to be created from the events of 9/11, along with the control of what the mainstream media could and couldn’t investigate or report, was intended to be used to RESHAPE our free society, and make Americans less and less free and independent…To make Americans more and more fearful and dependent, with a sheepish willingness to give up more and more of our freedom and privacy in return for a false ‘perception’ of protection.

Do you see anything similar to that going on right now?

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA. She is also the producer and host of “The Connie Bryan Show” airing in 14 cable markets nationwide including Washington D.C. Check out all of her material on her website and blog at conniebryan.com, or at Youtube/Connie Bryan to subscribe to her channel.)