The ‘Big Tech’ censorship of anything that counters their agenda right now has reached beyond alarming and disturbing levels.

Some of you may remember my very detailed recent article I posted about the many number of red flags around the hype in the mainstream media news, that has falsely caused most Americans to think they are going to die or be hospitalized if they catch the coronavirus, which is the OPPOSITE of the truth…

Well that factual post was targeted by Facebook and censored so you couldn’t see it. OBVIOUSLY THAT IS NOT WHAT AMERICA IS ABOUT. We don’t censor dissenting speech, just because a ‘bully platform’ like Facebook DISAGREES with it, often because they have a different agenda that such honest information doesn’t ‘support’.

After my own personal experience with my carefully researched article being targeted and censored here, a few days later ABC News reported that Facebook had taken censorship efforts to new levels, censoring and removing US Representative Roger Marshall’s recent post that simply shared THE CDC’s OWN INFORMATION that revealed that ONLY 6 PERCENT of Covid-19 deaths occurred without the person having any other life threatening conditions first and foremost, and that a whopping 94% of those deaths attributed to Covid-19 happened in those with AT LEAST TWO major life threatening conditions, not even just ONE.

So Rep. Marshall shares this info that came directly from the CDC, and Facebook decides ‘we don’t want this to be seen by others’ and they censored his post…

This is happening to more and more Americans like myself and Rep. Marshall – our experience is not even the tip of the iceberg of this unAmerican cancer permeating the Democratic Party, now routinely attacking free speech with a vengeance from all those they don’t agree with and who don’t adhere to their ‘approved information narrative’.

Such behavior obviously goes against EVERYTHING our founding fathers held sacrosanct, reflected not just IN the Constitution, but in the VERY FIRST AMMENDMENT of the ‘Bill of Rights’ of the Constitution, even before the ‘right to bear arms’…

Our founding fathers wanted it understood first and foremost that ‘free speech’ and ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘dissenting opinion’ was SACRED to the American Dream and our Democratic Republic!
The article FB censored that I wrote included many very important carefully documented facts that FB decided they did not want you to see…

One of the most alarming of those facts is a critical and damning story reported by Newsweek Magazine a few months back, exposing that the N.I.H. led by Dr. Fauci himself went around and personally violated a U.S. government BAN on ‘gain of function’ dangerous research on bat related coronaviruses only a few years ago in 2014, and over a few years since that ban, personally approved 7 million dollars of grant funding at tax payer expense, providing this funding TO THE WUHAN LAB IN CHINA, for the specific purpose of developing a contagious bat related corona virus from one that was before NOT contagious.

That is what the dangerous and controversial ‘gain of function’ virus research means – taking a harmless virus and seeking to make it harmful and infectious in the lab…

Accordingly, it can’t be stressed enough that such so-called ‘research’ was BANNED by President OBama in 2014 because of how many red flags were being raised about it by a growing number of virologists and ethical medical experts.

But DR. FAUCI was discovered having violated that ban behind the scenes, personally approving grant funding for such dangerous gain of function research himself, in personal cooperation with the Wuhan Lab.

You will find the Newsweek report documenting this if you Google ‘Newsweek and Dr. Fauci violates ban funds dangerous coronavirus research at Wuhan Lab’

Why has the mainstream media avoided reporting this critically disturbing story?

Why is ‘Big Tech’, including FB, trying to censor those who try to inform you about it, calling what we write ‘harmful information’?
Does that sound familiar?

Many of you may be too young to remember how that kind of ‘official party line’ narrative/censorship by Germany and Hitler was what led to the genocide of the Jews and World War 2.

When the internet was brought out to the public a couple decades ago, this kind of censorship by the main portals of the internet ‘public square’ was what everyone said MUST ALWAYS BE PREVENTED.

But now that the internet has been so monetized for profit, and now that Google, Youtube, Facebook, Apple and Amazon have become such here-to-for inconceivable monopolies in that effort, such antithetical, unAmerican censorship of dissenting opinion and ‘free speech’ is becoming dangerously THE NORM, not the exception.

There is no ‘harm’ being done when Americans share factual information that the mainstream media is not reporting about.

Sharing such information is not akin to ‘crying fire in a crowded theater’. The opposite is in fact the case. The REAL HARM that is being done, harm that is actually akin to ‘crying fire in a crowded theater’, is when such ongoing unnecessary panic of ‘We the People’ is fueled by the monopolies who control the internet and the media, by restricting your access to all of the factual information, and only letting you see what they want you to see. That is where the REAL HARM lies.

One of the other important red flags that I detailed in that article included the NEWS FACT that Dr. Fauci himself actually wrote an article in the New England Journal of Medicine in late March of 2020, CO-AUTHORED by Robert Redfield, the Director of the CDC, in which they told all of their colleagues specifically that the number of infected Americans is SEVERAL times higher than what hospital tests were reporting, and Fauci wrote in the article that taking that fact into account, Covid-19 is comparable only to a ‘harsh flu’.

Now that is Fauci’s own words, communicated not to you and me in the mainstream media, but communicated to those in the scientific profession who have a subscription to the ‘New England Journal of Medicine’.

And it is a HUGE red flag because it stands in direct contrast to the opposite exaggeration of Covid-19 he has been consistently a part of in his communication with the general public, in his lockstep cooperation with the corporate controlled shameful mainstream media.

If he was sharing what he wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine with the American people, as he did to his colleagues, their WOULD NOT BE be this nationwide unnecessary panic!
On the contrary, we’d all understand what he and Robert Redfield stated in the article, that taking into account the many more millions of people who have had it and never knew it, Covid-19 is like a harsh flu season, as he put it in his own words.

This is FACT, not ‘harmful disinformation’…You can look up the article for yourself and read where Fauci says this, co-authored as I said, by the DIRECTOR OF THE CDC!

So why is the mainstream media and Facebook trying to censor this information, calling it ‘harmful’ to the public??

Other red flags I shared in that censored article included the FACT that Fauci and Bill Gates personally share ownership of multiple vaccine patents related to Covi-19 vaccine research.

That is something that the mainstream media is continuing to try to keep from the American public, and that the American public obviously deserves to know for ethics and ‘conflict of interest’ concerns.

Furthermore, ‘Moderna’, one of the main Big Pharma companies Bill Gates is funding, and with which he has the bat related coronavirus vaccine patent with, has NEVER made a vaccine, EVER in the past! So why were they favored with massive government funding, to be the company that is prioritized to FAST TRACK a vaccine of all things??

Secondly, it is a FACT there were no ‘animal trials’ in their ‘fast tracked’ process. This makes one wonder if the required animal trials were considered to have already been done back when Fauci was personally violating the U.S. ban on such coronavirus research that Newsweek exposed, when Fauci was approving millions of dollars of grants to the Wuhan lab behind the scenes.

As many of you know, it was recently reported that many of the participants in the Moderna vaccine ‘fast track’ process have become sick and have had disturbing and significant harmful side effects, a significant number having to be hospitalized! And yet many American ‘sheep’ are just waiting obediently to be told where to go get that injection??

When Gates was asked about this in one big, rare news interview, he was visibly shaken and unprepared with his response, and said yes those side effects did happen, but that he was sure the CDC would figure it out and get it under control.

As I have shared before, another big red flag involving Dr. Fauci occurred only a few months ago, when he went before a senate sub-committee tasked with monitoring the development of a coronavirus vaccine.

During that closed door session, Fauci came right out and told them that there is a significant chance that the fast tracked vaccine will not help everyone, but will actually make the virus WORSE for ‘some people’.

Once again, this is NOT what Fauci is routinely saying to the general public. He only said this to the senate sub-committee behind closed doors, and thankfully there was a brief report by a reporter who covered it at the time, but that was it.

The reason the mainstream media is not reporting this to you is simple…They are bought and controlled, and they do not have the general public’s interest at heart…They serve the ‘profit interest’ of those who own and control them, at the general public’s EXPENSE.
As I have shared with you before, it is now known that approximately 70% of the media’s advertising comes from…you guessed it…BIG PHARMA!

Lastly, are you ready for one of the biggest red flags of all?

The pharmaceutical companies who have been given massive amounts of tax payer dollars to ‘fast track’ a vaccine to inject you with, have only agreed to do it on the condition that they be GUARANTEED TOTAL AND COMPLETE IMMUNITY FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY with regard to physical injury to those who receive their Covid-19 vaccine.

This is a fact, not ‘harmful disinformation’. The REAL HARM is obvious here…it is in the profit motive of those behind all of this, to the extent that they are given complete protection from any liability for harm that Fauci himself has told members of the Senate will happen for ‘some’ who take the vaccine.

Here are the details about this government provided guarantee of protection for all liability for these favored Big Pharma vaccine developers…

In a well researched reported Aug 10th 2020 by ’’ titled: ‘Red Flags Soar as Big Pharma Will Be Exempt from Covid-19 Vaccine Liability Claims’, an exerpt from the article reads:

“A senior exec from AstraZeneca, Britains 2nd told Reuters that his company was just granted protection from all legal action if the company’s vaccine led to damaging side affects…’This is a unique situation where we as a company simply cannot take the risk if in 4 years the vaccine is showing side affects’, said Ruud Dobber, a top exec at AstraZeneca.”

A little further down in the article another excerpt reads:

“European officials told Reuters that product liability was a significant discussion to secure new vaccine drugs from Pfizer, Sanofi and Johnson and Johnson… As for the US, well when it comes to the legal framework around vaccines, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) already has a law called the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP) which provides immunity to drug companies if something goes wrong.”

Some of you may not know that Big Pharma vaccines makers like Merck and others demanded a law be passed in 1985 called the “Childhood Vaccination Protection Act”. Do you think that ‘Act’ was demanded to protect CHILDREN?? OF COURSE NOT! It was another demand for total and complete LIABILITY PROTECTION FOR THEM. Google it and read it for yourself.

Many millions of children since then have been documented as having been seriously harmed after taking those newly developed vaccines, many of them have died or developed chronic auto-immune disorders.

And get this…That 1985 ‘Childhood Vaccine Protection Act’ not only guarantees that those Big Pharma companies CANNOT be held liable for any such injuries (that are listed as potential side effects on their labels by the way) but that ‘protection act’ decrees that WE THE TAXPAYERS ARE LIABLE INSTEAD…That ‘protection act’ for Big Pharma decreed that we the taxpayers will pay instead, when such vaccine injuries commonly occur, through a government ‘vaccine court’. This specially created ‘vaccine court’ has currently paid out over FOUR BILLION DOLLARS in taxpayer funds for such documented injuries at taxpayer expense!

And it is said by a growing number of medical experts that that number is a fraction of what should have already been paid out, as the ‘vaccine court’ tries to disqualify many parents who have brought valid cases before the court, only to be disqualified on certain technicalities after their children died or became chronically sick after taking those vaccines.

There are many very disturbing facts that are being kept from the mainstream, and as I said above, THAT is the true ‘harm’ that is being caused to the American people right now by those controlling the ‘mainstream reality show media’…not from those of us who are trying to share those facts in the name of truth and democracy, so people can make an informed decision.

All that said, please don’t get me wrong…As I hold the Left accountable for this unAmerican censorship and hypocrisy, I am not doing so because I support the Con-Artist-in-Chief that has made a flaming ‘dumpster fire’ of the White House for the last 4 years.

We need a peaceful ‘We the People’ revolution in our country that addresses these shameful unAmerican monopolies on BOTH sides of the aisle…Now is the time to take our country back for the hard working 99% by forming a strong THIRD PARTY that will not tolerate such corruption from either the Right or the Left.

I can’t stress this enough…A ‘We the People’ THIRD PARTY is the ONLY answer to all of what we are seeing that is destroying the American Dream, from those few elite who have a choke hold of control of both the Democrats and the Republican elected officials, and who have been diligently seeking to replace the American Dream with their ‘Corporate Dream’…or the ‘Big Tech Dream’, or the ‘Amazon Dream’…or the ‘Artificial Intel Dream’. etc.

Those are all synonymous with the corruption we are seeing, and this growing awareness is something that is crossing ALL party lines with the 99%.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA. She is also the host and producer of her monthly cable TV show, “The Connie Bryan Show” airing in 14 cable markets nationwide including Washington D.C. Check out all of her material on her website and blog at

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