"Land of the DRUG ADDICT, Home of the VIOLENT"...We've lost our moral compass"

“Land of the DRUG ADDICT, Home of the VIOLENT”…We’ve lost our moral compass.

(Cont. from PART 1)
We didn’t have near as many of these kinds of mentally unstable mass shootings 30 years back. Remember how Columbine felt so alien to us at the time? But in tandem as our culture has become more ugly and violent, we are seeing a rising increase in the mentally unstable depressed individual, pushed over the edge and effectively saying, “OK, if that is how society wants to treat me, you are all going to really feel me now!”  But as I said above, the victims from their violence are nowhere near the numbers every WEEK, from general criminal gun violence across our nation’s cities.

We saw our national moral fiber start to erode away beginning in the drug, sex and violence culture of the 60’s and 70’s, and it has snowballed ever since to one of epidemic proportions beyond belief today. Just the criminally violent, angry lyrics in what is referred to as “music” today is beyond unacceptable for us as a nation to continue tolerating, let alone the horrific violence in video games and movies.

Everywhere I look in the media I don’t see or hear an emphasis on the real solution. All I hear is ineffectual “feel good” rhetoric about having a national conversation about gun control, or a national conversation about the mentally ill, while we CONSTANTLY AVOID THE NATIONAL CONVERSATION ABOUT THE 800 POUND ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!

We have lost our moral compass in America! THAT is the national conversation we need to have. Morals, ethics and community values are RARE, not the norm in our society anymore. Yet, such a moral environment is the one in which our forefathers crafted the Constitution and the Second Amendment’s guarantee of our “REGULATED” right to bear arms.

Morals, ethics and community values are the ONLY THING that will solve our epidemic of violence in America today. Here is one of the most important points I want to make: Morals, ethics and community values are not being taught to our children in school as a major part of every day’s curriculum from kindergarten through high school. That is one of the main things that needs to change immediately nationwide.

People tell me that a big part of the problem is bad parenting. I don’t disagree with them at all. But that is ALL THE MORE reason we need to have morals, ethics and community values taught to our kids from kindergarten through high school as part of the main school curriculum. It can incorporate the critical curriculum topics of Reading, Writing and English in such a daily class.

Think about it this way: Community ethics, The Golden Rule and our nation’s constitutional “human values” are the MOST IMPORTANT PART of anyone’s education. That emphasis is not being taught in our schools, and we are all aware it is often not taught in the home life of many kids due to bad parenting. This is something we can systemically change that will have a major positive effect in coming years.

Although more gun laws are not the main solution to our immoral and violent culture, the Second Amendment of the Constitution obviously makes reference to the need for gun regulation when it states: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” In the wake of our nation’s epidemic of gun violence, it is extremely ignorant and irresponsible for NRA whack-jobs on the far right to say their constitutional rights are violated by any new reasonable gun regulations.

It is actually unpatriotic of them NOT to lead the way by championing new reasonable regulations such as background checks for all guns, limits to magazine capacity and the “gun show loophole” (where you can buy a firearm without any background check) to name a few. They should be the first ones as responsible citizens to understand that such reasonable regulations don’t harm responsible gun owners.

But our nation’s “anti-community culture” of crime, drugs, gun violence and growing general meanspiritedness toward one another is not going to be adequately addressed or diminished by more gun control laws. This diseased culture we’ve weirdly morphed into over the last 30 to 40 years will only be diminished by a collective “national moral renaissance” of sorts – a nonstop national conversation, demanding a return to the education of healthy ethics, morals and community values that doesn’t tolerate the CELEBRATION OF VIOLENCE in almost every popular form of media.

To repeat in closing, a nation that prides itself on it’s love and obsession with firearms must even more so pride itself on it’s love and obsession with teaching morality, responsibility and good values…we have to TEACH this…in PUBLIC SCHOOL, as part of the daily curriculum every day like Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

That is the ONE solution to heal our diseased, immoral, violent drug culture of epidemic proportion… A ‘national intervention’ if you will… A DECADE long cultural and moral rehab program at minimum, that TEACHES right thinking; not from religious values…but from community values, which is the healthy foundation from which our forefathers created the 2nd Amendment! They didn’t foresee a violent American culture as diseased and devoid of values and morality as ours is at present. There is no short term ‘fix’ for that.