Have you heard the expression: “Happiness is not a destination, it’s a lifestyle”? If you understand this, you are probably a happy person. If you think happiness is ‘conditional’, meaning  dependent on certain developments, or dependent on having good luck in life, you will never be happy.

The same can be said for ‘healthiness’ as well…the two are virtually synonymous. Because generally speaking, if you are healthy, and living a moral and healthy lifestyle, you are happy. Health is more important than any material gain one might think could bring happiness, including financial prosperity.

Before I tell you exactly where happiness and health ARE found, I want to specify a few places where health and happiness definitely are not located, contrary to popular unhealthy opinion…they are places and activities currently very widely endorsed by the mainstream general public.

Happiness is not in an ‘organized religious belief’ from which one believes that everyone else who believes differently is condemned to Hell by God. There is no excuse for that level of ignorance anymore in our society. You can see how ignorant this is when you look at Muslim extremists who have such a belief from the Koran, but it’s ironic and weird that so many evangelical Christians refuse to see it in their own beliefs.

They are liars who teach such beliefs. They have been lied to, and sadly they have chosen to embrace such a debilitating lie. They are further lying to themselves all the time, thinking they are happy, when their beliefs preach the consequence of eternal torture and condemnation for all who hold other diverse beliefs. While they don’t believe in the Easter Bunny, they do believe a talking snake tempted the ‘prone to weakness’ woman (Eve) in the Garden of Eden to commit original sin, etc.  

The Bible is strangely replete with countless scriptures that repeatedly say God endorsed slavery, and even worse countless stories such as Joshua chapter 6, where God endorses and orders mass genocide of entire nations of ‘non-believers’…the very thing Hitler did in the Holocaust.  It is from these sick scriptures that most of the racism and bigotry in western civilization has its origins in our violent history.

For one prominent example here in the US, you may be surprised to learn that the Ku Klux Klan was founded by Southern Baptists. Christians in the South at the time of slavery used many scripture verses in their Bibles to justify slavery and their racist beliefs. I’m sure the Klan generally thinks their beliefs make them happy, but it is easy to see how mentally ill that is.

What I find odd is this: Even those who are just racist, and who think of their race as superior to others… even THEY aren’t adopting as evil of a bigoted belief as those who adopt a ‘religious’ belief from the Bible or the Koran that they are not only superior to other diversity and beliefs, but that those others with diverse beliefs deserve to burn in Hell for eternity.

They hold beliefs MUCH more monstrous than a person who is just racist…such Bible beliefs or Koran beliefs cause them to be much worse than just a racist, to the extent that those they see themselves as superior to, ironically in the name of ‘God’, they actually believe are rightfully DESERVING of being tortured!…and not just temporarily tortured either.

No, their beliefs – the ‘holy scriptures’ they choose to embrace, make it abundantly clear that those who don’t share their beliefs are to be tortured for eternity, not just briefly and then sent into non-existent oblivion.  I can’t put into words how sick and mentally ill this is, and this should be the only evidence one needs to see that such a religion is NOT founded on Love and forgiveness – that it is entirely man-made. If the God you believe in is LOVE and all about forgiveness, there can be NO condemnation in your beliefs. There can only be forgiveness, which would preclude any such condemnation. The presence of such a sick form of eternal torturing condemnation proves the source is man-made bigotry.

We need to expose this kind of mental illness because it poses a dire risk to the future of mankind. One can easily understand what I’m talking about just by looking at what we’ve had to endure and go through with the attacks on 9/11 and the war on terror, all fueled by the same kind of religious mental illness from otherwise seemingly ‘normal’ people who hold a religious belief that they are saved and ‘holy’, and all others are ‘infidels’.

The thing about it is, the Bible does in fact teach the same thing as I mentioned above, in countless scriptures…stating that all those who don’t believe are an abomination and are to be destroyed. Same is the case with the Koran. Make no mistake about it, both of those books teach very mentally ill dogma that condemns all other beliefs.  The danger mankind faces in not standing up to this religious retardation in our society is that these beliefs can VERY EASILY lead to what is called ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’.

 In other words, these individuals, whether Christian, Muslim or some other cult, are motivated to try to make apocalyptic prophecies in their ‘holy books’ come true. Iran’s leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad quickly comes to mind. He has already advocated for the destruction of the nation of Israel, and has questioned whether the Holocaust actually happened! And he has these views primarily due to his sick religious beliefs. But Christian fundamentalists are just as dangerous when it comes to creating ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’.

Speaking of the Holocaust,  I point you to the 3rd Reich and Hitler’s final solution as one example many people don’t think about, that already has happened as a result of ‘self fulfilling prophecy’, and strangely the German ‘Christians’ who supported Hitler didn’t even realize they were creating the Antichrist exactly as he is described in the book of Revelation.

If you read the prophecy of the coming of the Antichrist, Hitler embodied it 100%. Ironically, the hatred toward the Jews by the Germans had its sick, bigoted roots not just in racism, but religious bigotry toward the Jews. Unbelievably, the Catholic church stood by silently as this began happening, as you are probably aware. They did so largely because of the same reason.

Early on in the anti-semitic pattern growing in Germany at the time, it would have been so easy for the Catholic church to step up and castigate such views – call it the horrid bigotry that it was. But the Catholic church chose to be completely reticent and allow it to go on. This is evil on the level of Hitler himself. Matter of fact, the Catholic church also helped to hide Nazi collaborators who were on the run/in hiding after World War 2. It is unconscionable behavior, especially from the leading organization supposedly representing a ‘God of Love’.

This topic is just as important as Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream for equality of all races. The biggest challenge we face on this planet in the interest of peace, freedom, justice and the pursuit of happiness for all mankind, is exposing the destructive, hateful, bigoted threat ever present and growing in ‘organized religion’…primarily Islamic and Judeo-Christian beliefs that preach that all others are condemned by God.

Division from religion, and the condemning dogma of those dividing religions’ teachings have been the cause of virtually all the wars and acts of mass genocide in our history. Peace can come to mankind, but it will require exposing the main 3 religions and their mentally ill teachings that are NOT Divine…they are entirely MAN MADE and are continuing to create hate, not love for one another.

It is time for a new movement…a SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT…a sort of “Spiritual Civil Rights” movement if you will. This is the most important endeavor for our time at present. Now is the time for a spiritual revolution, and an awakening to the truth that the main three religions, MASQUERADING as Divine teaching, have only done harm and brought hate with man-made bigoted teachings of condemnation toward the diversity of other beliefs that are the DIRECT OPPOSITE of what is Divine Love. We cannot tolerate this any longer if we believe in Love and forgiveness. I want to repeat that for the necessary emphasis: We CANNOT TOLERATE that any longer if we believe in Love and forgiveness.

It is not INNOCENT, those who hold such beliefs toward other diversity. People who are guilty of this are often quick to accuse me of being bigoted myself. I quickly point out to them, the only form of bigotry that is needed today more than ever is BIGOTRY toward BIGOTRY. Intolerance of intolerance is what LOVE is!

 Love, even though it is forgiving, always brings strong correction that can make people feel a lot of dischord, as it sheds light on their unloving wrong thinking and intolerance. We must be intolerant toward those who hold condemning beliefs about others.  This means we need to regularly hold Christians, Jews and Muslims accountable for wrongly and ignorantly continuing to spout the lies that their scriptures were from God and are Divinely inspired.  

More and more now, people are finally learning about the damning evidence exposing the lies of the ‘church’… that being that their ‘scriptures’ were entirely politically crafted for social control, and not only that, but crafted by largely copying many of the SAME exact myths from previous religions before…In the case of the Bible, and the books chosen to be included in the Bible, this was determined and crafted by the Emperor Constantine and the political committee he formed to create a system of societal control with a new religion of Christianity at the time period of approximately 300 AD.

Many readers may not know that it is a fact that the gospels were not even written by the disciples whose names are on them: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. No one knows who wrote them, and they were written hundreds of years after those disciples had died, around the same contemporary timeframe as Constantine was crafting the Bible and the new religion of Christianity to use it as a form of societal control. This of course only led to genocide of unconscionable proportions with the Crusades, the Inquisition, and all the other religious wars since then in our religious, hate-filled history.

Back to the topic of happiness. -There is not an ounce of true happiness found in those who immerse themselves in such beliefs. No more so than there is – and this is going to be equally as divisive to say,especially on the West Coast- no more so than happiness can be found in getting ‘stoned’, smoking dope, shooting Heroin, getting drunk, etc.

Happiness is not found in a religious dogma, it isn’t found in a cigarette…it isn’t found in a bottle of wine…it isn’t found in a fifth of vodka, it isn’t found in a joint of marijuana or methamphetamine, etc. Happiness is not found in ‘casual sex’. You might get a temporary thrill, like on a roller coaster if you treat your body like a carnival ride, but it has profound negative physical, social and emotional/psychological consequences, not the least of which is the contracting of a sexually transmitted disease or the need for an abortion of an unwanted pregnancy.

By the way, the man who doesn’t have to worry about getting pregnant, but still caused the need for such an abortion needs to realize he carries the same weight as the woman for the rest of his life, that the abortion of a human being was carried out. It isn’t just all in the realm of the woman’s responsibility when such a decision is made. We have to start changing the horrible free-wheeling culture in America that says if it feels good, just say YES.  This is also mentally ill – just as mentally ill as the religious fundamentalists who preach condemnation.

My question to you is simple: Aren’t you glad you were born? Aren’t you glad you were wanted, and not an unwanted pregnancy that was aborted. Women should have control of their reproduction, just like men do…since men don’t get pregnant. In other words, since women are the ones who get pregnant, of course they should have the right to decide whether to remain pregnant or not.  But MY GOD ladies, we have got to stop the waiting till late term in the pregnancy before having one.

If you don’t decide to have an abortion within the first trimester or somewhere reasonably determined soon thereafter, that’s it…you have to be out of your mind to then expect society to support you in having a doctor sworn to ‘do no harm’, perform the horror that is a ‘late term abortion’.  And this kind of thinking is currently widely found in people who, like religious fundamentalists, walk around acting as though they are ‘normal’ citizens.

But all this comes from not having the proper healthy moral code in your life, so that you think sex is something that is perfectly acceptable with a ‘hot’ stranger you just met at the bar after 3 long island iced teas. It’s gotten so sick that women (and men for that matter) are conditioned by the media to measure their self esteem by whether or not they are capable of accomplishing just that.

What they should have been taught with proper healthy moral values having NOTHING to do with religion, is that sex is in no way ‘casual’, (that concept is LAUGHABLE)…and that it is one of the most psychologically, emotionally as well as physically ‘NON CASUAL’ things you will ever do…It requires a lot of responsibility and caution, and it is meant for people who have developed a strong bond that creates the proper environment and foundation for it.

PLEASE notice I did not say it is meant for ‘marriage’. Obviously two people don’t need to marry to have sex, but a strong bond is needed or it is unhealthy behavior that will lead to many serious unwanted, very unhappy consequences long term. That is not worth the ‘short term’ shallow high that so many people seek, while living such a ‘do what feels good’ lifestyle.

You have an inner voice that tries to tell you these things…that tries to lead you in a happy, healthy lifestyle. Many…sadly MOST, refuse to listen to that ‘higher wisdom’ voice. It is your ‘higher self’ trying to guide you in a healthy path.

Here is the fool proof recipe for happiness:

Make the Golden Rule your number one mantra: In all things, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is a simple definition of Loving everyone as yourself.

Add to this unconditional FORGIVENESS toward ALL those who you perceive have wronged you in any way, large or small.

For good measure, I like to add another rule I like to call the “Silver Rule”: In all things, do as you would want your children to do”. 

When you think in such terms, suddenly that inner voice trying to guide you can be heard loud and clear! Then brace yourself, because THAT is when miracles begin to happen in your life that will bring the Divine Happiness that has always been waiting for you. It requires Love and forgiveness, and not an ounce of condemnation.