I was taken aback by a moment in CNN’s mini-documentary “OUR NIXON” this evening…

The footage shown was of Nixon in the Oval Office on the phone with Neil Armstrong, who was talking to him from “The Sea of Tranquility” on the moon(obviously Neil wasn’t on a space yacht on the water, but that is the crater’s name) Nixon is realizing this is a moment of pride not just for America, but for all of humanity. He points this out in a big way, saying to Armstrong that this is a moment that brings the whole world together as ONE, because of what Armstrong had done, walking on the moon.

Much of the third world was completely unaware at the time that this great human feat had “brought all humanity together”. And if you believe that it did, it clearly did not last more than the media news cycle.  

Is that what it takes for us to realize we are brothers and sisters? An amazing feat of rocket science? When just as amazing of a feat was the splitting of the atom…but I don’t recall a president under media camera lights on the phone with the scientist who first accomplished the task of making the first atomic bomb. I’m being very sarcastic, I realize that. But we are not ONE because some rocket man walked on the moon as a result of billions of dollars spent on a space rocket program that was a PROXY for the military seeking to develop intercontinental ballistic missile systems capable of delivering nuclear weapons anywhere on the planet. That isn’t what made us ONE. It is so sick and upside down to think that way.

We are ONE because we all share the same needs…the same hopes and dreams, we all share the same fears…the same desires and questions about why we are here…the same fear of loneliness and fear of growing old and the process of dying… We are all ONE because our tears fall for the same reasons.

We spend way too much time trying to focus on the little differences we have, and what reason we have to look down on so many of our brothers and sisters.We spend way too much time trying to compete with everyone else…way too much time wanting to compare ourselves to others, see ourselves as superior and FAULT FIND others, while we are worrying whether others are doing the same to us, trying to unnecessarily seek fault in us.

We spend way too little time treating others as we would like to be treated, and very little if any time thinking about the need for forgiveness that not only we need to extend to those who have wronged us, but that we need for ourselves from those we have been selfish to, because they are ONE with us.

Deep down inside ourselves we know this, that despite religious dogma and beliefs, despite race or gender or sexual orientation, we are all in this together. Deep down we know in our soul that everyone depends on everyone else. We depend on each other. What do I specifically mean by that? I mean we all get hurt when we experience a ‘lack of love’ from others, and the reason we get hurt by that is because we NEED that love from others.

That we are all one is a basic fundamental understanding in our heart of hearts. And it transcends all religious beliefs. But we don’t act like it except as Nixon said, for one brief moment in history because some guy made it to the moon, and after that it is back to bullshit religious division, corporate chronyism, government corruption, third world exploitation, racial hate and intolerance?


So let me ask a question: How long do you think that kind of divisive, hateful and war making pattern can be sustainable for mankind, or is the splitting of the atom going to turn out to be MUCH MORE of a historically determining “FEAT OF SCIENCE” for the fate of humanity?…Because we just WON’T…not that we can’t…but we just WON’T seek peace and the power of love for one another, over war and the love of power over one another.