CosmosPicYou don’t use science to “find” or “define” God. But you can and should use science to understand one small aspect of God, that being the physical aspect. But the major unlimited aspects of “God’s” nature are not confined to the physical. They are much more in the non-physical unseen area, but upon which the temporary physical scientific realm depends. (And yes by the way, even BILLIONS of years are but a tiny temporary existence. They don’t even equal a grain of sand on the beach compared to the eternal non-physical nature of God and the realm of spiritual consciousness.)

I just finished watching a great movie, Einstein and Eddington. The movie chronicled the partnership between Albert Einstein and the British Scientist Eddington whose research proved that Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” was correct. He did this by showing with his own research during a solar eclipse, that the Sun was bending starlight with its gravity.

What was interesting was how at the end of the movie, the closing written notes on the screen told how Eddington spent the rest of his life very conflicted in his effort to unite his love of science with his religious beliefs in God. (Eddington was a Quaker according to the movie). What that tells me is that he was a very wise scientist indeed.

The scientist who gives up his/her belief in the spiritual and the Divine BECAUSE of their growing knowledge and love of science in many ways might as well still be of the intelligence of a preschool child. They are severely out of balance in the big scheme of things. This is the problem so often with academia. It teaches away one’s natural ability to find and sense the spiritual within one’s self and within one’s world around them.

Part of the reason for this is because of the lack of spiritual truth due to the man-made dishonest fraud perpetrated on mankind by the “Church” and organized religions in general, that was clearly recognized by scientists over the centuries, many of whom were killed by the church authorities for trying to stand up to it. This has caused many scientists to have an automatic predilection to recoil at things of a spiritual nature because they only have that false model of “religion” in their minds.

I have written at least once about this before, but I would like to mention again that all the progress and learning that we are achieving from string theory and what we learned from Albert Einstein about general relativity – that there was a Big Bang, but that the universe is forever “expanding”, that there are “black holes” with unexplained energy just like the unexplained energy of gravity that keeps the planets precisely on their orbit…

All of this knowledge needs to be absorbed with a mindset that isn’t polluted or brainwashed too much by academia, so that you can realize these things are showing us that we are not only alive, but we are living inside a universe that is also alive…and that all that is alive – us, this earth, the sun, the universe – all of it is alive because it is a temporary aspect fueled or “powered” by the spiritual…it is powered by the unseen “force” of what we call God.

The miracle energy at conception that created our physical life (which will never be “explained by science”) is uniquely comparable to the miracle energy behind the so called Big Bang that conceived and birthed our universe. The universe is ALIVE, just like you and me in this physical realm. It is its own LIVING BODY.

What I have pointed out before that scientists for some strange reason are not seeing, is that it is no surprise that our outer universe is very much like the “inner universe” of our physical bodies. Just like planets rotate around stars controlled by the stars’ gravity, we have protons, neutrons and electrons that rotate around themselves dictated by their own gravity.

An individual cell is like a microscopic individual person. It has the same biological functions, and does all the things we do: It breathes, eats, sees, hears, communicates and functions as part of a cell society, even urinates and defecates, reproduces with other cells, etc…And if it could have a telescope and were able to talk to you, it would probably tell you that what it sees in its “outer universe” above it (inside your body) is much like what we see in our outer universe above us!

Scientists studying String Theory and Quantum Physics have been mystified to discover that particles at the smallest level they have been able to measure, which they call “quarks”, are sometimes seen coming in and out of this physical realm. Some scientists have described them as being “both here and not here at the same time”. (FINALLLY, this explains my difficulty hitting the golf ball! Why couldn’t they make that ball bigger? It’s so small it is clearly a quark, and it is there and not there at the same time, and Tiger Woods is a quantum physics super scientist!)

The point I’m getting at is that this is one scientific example of the physical realm we are in being both “physical” and “not physical”. To understand God, you first need to understand that God is much more about what is NOT seen, than what IS seen. You also need to understand that our current REALITY is much more about what is NOT seen, than what IS seen.

The Divine, which is responsible for the design here in the physical, is not limited to the physical. It’s important to understand that the nature of God INCLUDES the physical realm of science, but the PRIMARY ASPECT of God is much more non-physical, and unseen to the physical eye. It is what is fueling this physical reality of ours – it is what brought about the so called “Big Bang” that scientists believe was the event that birthed our universe.

People often ask what does the term “spiritual” mean. It means the non-physical, eternal energy and consciousness of the unseen. Einstein and Eddington, along with many more talented groundbreaking scientists over the centuries, are repeatedly helping us to see that there is clearly an unexplained, scientifically unseen “power” that is responsible for this physical world.

“Logic”, unpolluted by an overly excessive obsession with academia, has to come in along with common sense at some point. That logic naturally points us to that origin of power being a “designing force”, or what we would consider God or the Divine. And that “God” is not a man in the sky craving a “blood sacrifice” for your mistakes, or he is going to burn you alive in Hell for eternity.

Those of you who are members of either Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, etc. who believe such sick teachings, all I can say is REALLY? It would be more plausible to still believe in the Easter Bunny and walk around society claiming to be mentally stable, than to maintain such sick beliefs of eternal damnation in the name of God/love toward your diverse brothers and sisters who share this planet with you.

Here is the most beautiful part of it all, and what organized religion’s lies have kept most people from realizing with their teachings of original sin and condemnation, etc. The truth is that we are all a part of what that “eternal creative mystery power” is.

You want to talk about a “cardinal sin”…Organized religion has committed a cardinal injustice on humanity, created by power-mongering men who wanted to control the masses with fear in the name of God. With the mandate of a “state religion”, they subsequently created a false idea of a vengeful God who would condemn anyone who didn’t believe in “him” in a very conditional, exacting way(of course this God would HAVE to be patriarchal, wouldn’t it? Couldn’t just reasonably be “gender neutral”) despite the fact that “his” specific nature is very mysterious and undefinable to that level of specificity…

Organized religion’s primary cardinal injustice to humanity, its most destructive harm is that it has misinformed us about true spirituality by fraudulently forcing the lie on mankind that we are “separate” from what God is.

Organized religion has gone out of its way not to teach the spiritual truth that you don’t need the Catholic Church or a priest, or Islam or a Muslim Cleric, or “being born again” and baptized by a Baptist minister, etc…etc. The reason you don’t need those things is because you are already and have always been a permanent part of what God is here in this temporary plane of existence we call the physical. Your spiritual nature- what you really are beyond the physical, is and has always been a holy part of “God”.

The physical is “science” of a specific and limited kind. But what YOU really are…your actual essence…your thought consciousness, that is beyond physical science. Thought is what you are, and thought is a mystery power that cannot be measured. Thought is the nature of spirit, the eternal nature of your “soul”. Your thought is you, being a part of what God is, experiencing the exciting adventure and artistic creation of the physical.

So, you could no more be “damned” by God than you could defeat the laws of gravity while you are living in a body here in the physical realm. The “mystery power” of God within you is what created this physical experience for you that began at “conception”. You, as a part of God, are part of the design of all of this. And when you learn this, when you truly realize this, it brings great responsibility.

It shows you that you have a huge responsibility to live a healthy and holy life by example, and that your purpose here in the physical is only to bless others with the love, forgiveness and healing of God that this world needs. In other words, there isn’t any “savior” coming on a white horse on a cloud” in the sky one day to “fix” everything for you, and who is going to “condemn to Hell” all your diverse brothers and sisters who imagined God in a slightly different fashion.

What is holding us back in spreading peace and love on this planet are those of you who dogmatically insist on holding such mentally imbalanced religious beliefs. The damage isn’t just isolated to Muslim extremists. You don’t have to be actively committing religious terrorism to be just as guilty of destructive hate toward your spiritual brothers and sisters who have a somewhat different concept of how to conceive of God.

We are all a holy part of God, and it is OUR responsibility to teach that spiritual knowledge to the world. We can no longer neglect that purpose because it isn’t “popular” or because it might hurt someone’s feelings, or because it would be too uncomfortable, or because it is what our family has always believed, etc. etc.

And back to my topic of science and the spiritual…much more important that any kind of scientific research, is our responsibility to teach the world that organized religion has sold them a lie that has been KEEPING us from creating peace on earth for thousands of years.

It is time for that religious lie to end BEFORE we end up using what science has so aptly taught us about how to blow up this planet multiple times over and destroy each other ironically in the name of “God is Love”. It is time that we learn to come together and heal as spiritual brothers and sisters on this physical plane of existence, understanding that our diversity equals divinity(meaning God is “diversity”).

It is time we begin fulfilling our purpose here of “saving one another” with that realization that we are ALL a part of God, and creating the HEAVEN here on earth that we know is right, with the proper understanding that there is no condemnation or “damning God” separate from us. Instead, what has been happening has been the creation of Hell here on earth due to all the condemnation and warring between the Big Three organized religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Connie Bryan
(Connie Bryan is a freelance writer in Sacramento, CA. Check out more of Connie’s editorials on her blog at