BibleKoranThisMeansWarPicEverything is completely upside down from how it is meant to be. There is no excuse for it as we have entered the 21st Century, and after people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Gandhi and others paid the ultimate sacrifice in their efforts to show us. We are here in this physical plane of existence to learn to respect each other, in all our diversity, as EQUAL PARTS of our selves, not to selfishly divide off from each other by religion, culture, race, sexual orientation, nationality, etc.

Religion has ironically been the primary reason we are so divided off from one another…Religion and national identity. Is it any surprise the two have historically always been intertwined for control of a nation/culture’s population? This has historically been the case with each of the big three religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

While religion has reinforced mankind’s innate tendency to believe in an eternal spiritual identity, ironically it has harmed, interfered and polluted that understanding in its man-made effort to use that for an elitist, political and cultural advantage. It has used that innate tendency to DIVIDE its “believers” off from the rest of God’s holy diversity of humanity.

But we are here to learn that there is no division…more specifically, there is NO SEPARATION between all of humanity’s diversity and what “God” is. We are here to learn to LOVE one another and treat one another as we would want to be treated. Do you want others to look down on you for your ‘spiritual concepts’ as condemned because of them? Of course you don’t. Then why would you engage in such a “faith” or “belief”? Why would you turn a blind eye to those who engage in such beliefs, with the attitude of: “Oh, what’s the harm?”

This fundamental truth, known as “The Golden Rule”, has been around long before Judaism, Islam and Christianity. It has been the fundamental foundation of most all other spiritual/mythical practices by mankind outside of the big three religions since the dawn of man.

But now more than ever, we are not treating each other as we want to be treated. Now more than ever, there is less and less of a concept of “world community” and more and more of an emphasis on “world competition”. Sure there is more world commerce, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that translates into “community” and mutual respect for each other.

To put it in a nutshell…The United States and Britain are mutually hated immensely by many other countries, especially those in the Middle East, partially because of our vast history of global imperialism, exploiting their resources for our own selfish profit and gain.

PopePicWe are hated just as much if not more so because of the division caused by the big three religions’ MUTUAL condemnation of each other. That is to say Islam (Middle East) and its condemning beliefs of all non believers, and its recognizing the SAME teaching by Christianity, which at its core teaches God’s condemnation of all “nonbelievers”, as well as Judaism’s core “orthodox” teachings that they are the elite “Chosen Race” of God, etc, etc. All of this does nothing but foster hate, not spiritual unity and brotherhood. So it should be no surprise or difficult to understand that all three are entirely man-made.

To be fair and crystal clear, and to further illustrate my point of the absurdity, it is not just us that are hated in the U.S….A huge portion of the United States population embraces the same level of hatred toward the Middle East for the very same religious reason. Many of those who harbor such hate use their King James Bible as their “justification”, just like Southern Baptists routinely did in resisting equality for backs and desegregation during the Civil Rights Movement.

We are seeing growing gun violence in general in the United States, along with increasing acts of terrorism and mass shootings, like the most recent one that took place in my home town of Orlando. This is not because of “The Devil”, or “Satan”, or as in the minds of many Muslims and Christians, as a consequence of “sinful acts against God and nature” by gay people or “non believers”. ENOUGH of such mentally challenged bigotry!

HellpicThe reason we are seeing so much violence and MUTUAL hate on all sides is that there is too much sick division embraced by religious and “patriotic” brainwashing on all sides. Religion has not taught us SPIRITUAL TRUTH. It has taught us man-made division and bigotry, falsely in the name of “God”.

You want to know how to turn things around and reverse the violent trend that we see only getting worse in the world today? THE ONLY WAY is to face this reality I am describing, and recognize the man-made bigotry element that is rooted in each of the big three religions and their respective elitist national cultures.

People must become at least spiritually enlightened enough to understand that religion can only be seen like someone’s FAVORITE COLOR…and that is IT! You’re a Christian? Fine…It doesn’t make you “saved” over all others. That is a man-made lie.  It’s only as though you like the color RED on the color spectrum.

You are a Jew? Fine…It doesn’t set you apart in any way as the “Chosen Ones”. It’s only like your favorite color is BLUE…You are a Muslim? Fine…You aren’t SPECIAL over anyone else in the eyes of Allah. It is only like your favorite color is GREEN, and we are ALL a part of the ‘Divine color spectrum’. That in a nutshell is how you understand true spirituality…That is how mankind must learn to see all religion…just shades of colors in the rainbow we are all a part of together…a rainbow we co-created as a part of what God is.


It is time to begin another movement of peace and equality on the order of the Civil Rights Movement, but on a worldwide level…A “SPIRITUAL RIGHTS MOVEMENT” of sorts…We have to reach out to our fellow man, NO MATTER HOW DIVERSE, and APOLOGIZE to them for our lack of love and acceptance of them.

The answer is not just simply “tolerance”. To “tolerate” implies disgust of something that you force yourself not to react against. Tolerating someone is not valuing or loving them, it is simply temporarily PRETENDING to do so. There is way too much pretension and fakeness in American society today, especially exemplified in both mass media and social media outlets.

I was raised on the man-made lies of Christianity, and witnessing the extreme social damage those bigoted beliefs lead to has helped me to realize that the exact same man-made beliefs are in fact present in ALL THREE of the main religions at odds with each other in our world. They are the primary cause of all the major wars and acts of genocide throughout history.

How long are we going to continue to PRETEND that this is not the case?

NukeMushCloudAre we going to keep PRETENDING it is not the case until the hateful violence and terrorism reaches a “nuclear grand finale” like some kind of patriotic fireworks show, so that Christians and Muslims can both self-fulfill their own sick “end times” prophecies, as they stare into the sky expecting a “savior” to be riding down on a horse and a cloud in the midst of the nuclear grand finale?

Enough is enough! I know the direction healing has to come from. I have been writing about it for a long time now. Many of you read these things I have written about, and in your heart of hearts it resonates as truth for a reason. Yet, many of you refuse to let your voice resonate along with me, probably because of the pretension I have referred to, that seems to be much more important to our American society than doing the right thing or speaking out, for fear it would be perceived by some as “offensive” or “politically incorrect”.

If we know that politics is inherently hypocritical, why are we so obsessed with the conformity of trying to be “politically correct” when that hides the truth that can bring healing?

Being more concerned about “political correctness” means you are nothing but a conforming “sheep”. That is dangerous. That is why so many align themselves with the dividing, man-made teachings of organized religion…because they are nothing but sheep preferring to be told that they should see themselves as “preferred” or “divided” from the rest of the diverse world. That is nothing but sick bigotry. And to stand by and not speak out about it because you may “offend” others who would hear you is just as sick and inexcusable.

Just like Dr. Martin Luther King taught us, we are here to HEAL this place. We are here to speak out against all that divides us off from each other. We are here to recognize “God” that is a PART OF ALL OF US.

Each of the big three religions have engaged in an unspeakable, horrible crime against humanity in teaching an elitist, dividing message that is the exact opposite. And we are witnessing the unconscionable results of that fact every day, while too many continue to ignore and turn a “pretentious”, selfish and elitist eye to it all.

EarthSpacePicWe are not “Christians”…We are not “Catholics”…We are not “Jews”…We are not “Muslims”…We are not “Mormons”…We are not “Democrats”…We are not “Republicans”…We are not “Illegal Immigrants” vs. “legal citizens”…WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS!…WE ARE NEIGHBORS!…WE ARE ALL A COMMUNAL PART OF WHAT GOD IS?

But “religion” has shamefully NOT taught us this all-important spiritual truth. Why? Because the emphasis of religion has been entirely a man-made political tool to divide and control using elitist beliefs tied in with national identity. And this has done nothing but foment hatred, violence and war for too much of mankind’s history.

If you read this truth and shake your head…then let me tell you something…You are part of the sick problem that is ultimately going to be steamrolled over in the name of spiritual justice for humanity. Universal love is infinitely more powerful than your divisive “faith” or “beliefs”.

Embracing your hate in the name of “God”, embracing your condemnation of others who don’t share your “beliefs”, you are nothing but a “relic” of the sick unhealthy past. You are nothing but a part of the problem, not a part of the solution, and not a healing ambassador of spiritual truth for the future.

This is the most important challenge of our time. And the time has come to stop pretending otherwise…We don’t have the luxury of waiting any longer. That is if we really care to fulfill our purpose here as a healing part of what God is, and to stop the violence and hate against our diverse spiritual brothers and sisters.

The key source of that division and hate is and has always been the division of man-made religion, and none of you reading this have any superiority with your respective “faiths” over anyone else.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Catch all of her material on her blog and website at