TrumpOvalOfcWindowTrump supporters desperate to distract from the first incompetent 100 days of Trump in the White House love to say it is a “meaningless measuring stick”…REALLY? You mean as meaningless of a “measuring stick” as his tiny fingers’ first 100 GROPES of women by their p*ssy? (His words not ours)

Another thing I’ve noticed from his deeply character-challenged supporters is how much they love to try to rub his election in everyone elses face, saying “Democrats just can’t believe he beat Hillary!”

No, what Democrats can’t believe is NOT that Hillary lost…What Democrats AND many Republicans are shocked by is that so many of you were either that low character or that easily gas lit and fooled by such a gigantic orange reality show con artist.

TrumpWallCrowdWe were shocked that there was that degree of national ugliness, combined with mind-blowing stupidity and ignorance…We were shocked that those things could still be so prevalent in our communities across this country today.

And it isn’t any kind of argument to ignore all the huge disreputable, bad character and corrupt things about Trump, while simultaneously bringing up Hillary as your excuse… That does nothing to negate your horribly bad judgement.

One can think Hillary was a horrible choice – but using that same code of ethics, if one then looks at Trump and chooses to ignore his gigantic boatload of major corruption, fraud investigations, refusal to release his taxes, strong ties to organized crime, etc, etc, that only serves to make one a GIGANTIC hypocrite. It is a simple as that…there is no moral or ethical ground with Trump, only wild hypocrisy and bad judgement.

In the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s vulgar, bigoted, white elitist hate-speech driven campaign, you’d have to be mentally challenged NOT to see the egregious reports of a lifelong pattern of corruption in the building of his New York and New Jersey casino empire, his significantly reported ties to organized crime (Google it!), the reported fraud surrounding his Trump University, his refusal to release his taxes after bragging that he was “smart because I don’t pay taxes”…

His history of making sexual remarks with respect to his daughter Ivanka, REPEATEDLY in television interviews saying things like ‘Ivanka is so gorgeous if she weren’t my daughter I’d be dating her’…

Or in another similar television interview, when asked what interests he and Ivanka might share in common, after Ivanka mentioned “real estate”, Trump’s response was to say “SEX” after which he soft-pedaled that answer a little by saying he wasn’t sure if that answer was in fact mutually shared by Ivanka…And all Ivanka did as a result was to giggle embarrassingly.

trumpivankaBUT EVERYONE WITNESSED THESE THINGS IN LIVING ORANGE COLOR…And what Democrats (and as I said, many Republicans as well) were shocked by was how many dumb-asses and low character angry white Americans and their angry white wives heard and saw those things with their very own ears and eyes, and STILL said “Hell yeah, I like THAT GUY!”

Democrats knew that Hillary had created an impression with many Americans that she and her husband had found ways to enrich themselves through the Clinton Foundation, and that there were serious trust issues surrounding her as a result of the “coy” way she handled her private email server issue.

trumpunivBut compared to Trump’s widely reported record of ties to organized crime, along with all the documented fraud and corruption investigations, many of which he managed to ‘settle’ to avoid convictions…And compared to all the vulgar hate-speech, womanizing and angry white bigotry that regularly spews out of his mouth, Trump makes Hillary look like a Hollywood yoga instructor who got caught operating without a license…

Democrats (and many Republicans) are outraged that so many of you could be so irresponsible as to place our country in such grave danger by electing such a disgraceful, climate change denying, incompetent, egocentric con artist to the highest office of our land at such a critical time in our history.

And then we hear from Trump’s own 12 year old mind: ‘I thought it would be easier’…and ‘Who would have thought health care could be so complicated?’…and ‘This is more work than my previous life’…ALL HIS WORDS NOT OURS…
And in his own words they very effectively sum up the meaning of Trump’s embarrassing and incompetent first 100 days.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at