Anyone who has an OUNCE of American patriotism in their soul – Democrat, Libertarian, Republican, and all shades in between – ANY American with a MOLECULE of patriotism in their soul can see the monumental threat our free Republic is facing at this moment due to a globalist/communist partnership and agenda that has clearly HI-JACKED the Democratic Party.

That un-American globalist agenda is NOT for you to be strong, free and independent anymore…It is for you to be FEARFUL, CONTROLLED and TOTALLY DEPENDENT on those elite global corporations partnered with China.

Why? Simply put, because our growing INDEPENDENCE…Our collective STRENGTH AS THE 99%, which all comes from our constitutionally guaranteed FREEDOMS and CIVIL LIBERTIES…That is a major threat to THEIR FUTURE.

They see more and more of us waking up to their ‘China-centric’ agenda and the existential threat that THEY pose, not just to our nation, but to the world!… So, in a nutshell, they are very afraid of that!

And sadly, now they have succeeded in compromising the Democratic Party, and in getting a lot of weak-minded fearful sheep in the Democratic Party to submit to their authoritarian control measures and their globalist anti-American agenda.

Now for a few important points that are critical to understand:

Joe Biden is NOT the President-elect, no matter how many times CNN or PBS or NBC or the Washington Post/New York Times tries to ‘brand’ that into your mind. That is propaganda by the media that pretends to be the ‘news’, as they are totally owned and controlled by these globalist monopoly corporations. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO CHANGE THAT!

They were SHELL-SHOCKED on election night to see Trump blowing away all their propaganda polls that had been telling the nation that Biden would win in a landslide. They were STUNNED to see the OPPOSITE was happening, and late on election night they did what has never happened in American history – They inconceivably STOPPED the vote counting in those key battleground states!!

In addition to some key ‘software glitches’ strategically resulting in targeted, huge vote changes into Biden’s count and to the detriment of Trump on election night, in the days following AFTER election night, ‘mail in’ ballots began pouring in to those key battleground election offices in unusually large numbers…Tens of thousands here, hundreds of thousands there, and virtually ALL for Biden, which is of course not plausible to say the least.

There are election statisticians who are now coming forward revealing the obviously fraudulent graphs showing a normal losing Biden curve on election night in those key battleground states(Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia) suddenly spiking straight up to coincidently and magically get just above Trump’s normal winning curve in those states that he had maintained ALL NIGHT until the voting was suddenly halted.

More and more evidence is coming to light about the massive, systemic fraud that took place on election night and in the days immediately after. More and more witnesses and whistle blowers are coming forward revealing it, including whistle blowers regarding the ‘cyber/hacking’ element of the fraud with regard to the so called ‘software program glitches’ and the ‘Hammer/Scorecard’ software and the ‘Dominion’ system of electronic voting.

ASIDE from all of that massive, shameful election fraud that is coming out now, let me make a few things crystal clear…

I thought it would be not just a cold day, but a SUB ZERO DAY IN HELL when I’d vote for Donald Trump.

Yet, as a patriotic veteran of the U.S. Air Force, and as a traditional Liberal Democrat, seeing this existential threat to our nation and the American Dream, I found myself in the voting booth filling in the bubble next to his name, because he was the ONLY candidate who is standing up to that threat.

Listen to me very closely now, because I’m going to break it down very simply and clearly:

IF IT WASN’T FOR… the Democrats and their Leftwing mainstream media dishonestly HYPING this ‘coronavirus’ as being 100 times worse than the somewhat severe flu-like virus that Dr. Fauci himself said it was in his own March 2020 article in the New England Journal of Medicine…

IF IT WASN’T FOR… the shameful psychological and social traumatizing of ESPECIALLY OUR NATION’S CHILDREN as a result of that dishonest hype about the virus from the Left, and the dishonest imposing of DICTATORIAL measures keeping our nation’s children out of the classroom for almost a YEAR now, causing them untold damage socially and emotionally, not to mention EDUCATIONALLY…

IF IT WASN’T FOR…The unconstitutional forced taking away of our precious freedoms to provide for our own livelihoods, and Joe Biden and the Democratic Party’s eager and ONGOING support of the corrupt forcing of our small businesses to CLOSE, while allowing huge corporate monopolies like Walmart and Home Depot to stay open! (the Marxist nature of which is obvious in light of the fact that the CDC has told us from the beginning that the VAST MAJORITY who catch the virus will NOT EVEN KNOW THEY HAD IT, or will only have MILD SYMPTOMS!…)

IF IT WASN’T FOR…The Democratic party and the Left now run by these un-American globalist corporations using such fake, hyped propaganda and fear-mongering, creating a ‘PANIC-DEMIC’ in order to use that panic as a political weapon, and to take away our precious constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties, CHIEF AMONG THEM IS OUR INDEPENDENT ABILILTY TO OPERATE OUR OWN SMALL BUSINESSES, AND TO KEEP OUR CHILDREN IN SCHOOL!…

IF IT WASN’T FOR…The Democratic party and the Left now run by these un-American globalist corporations using such fake, hyped propaganda and fear-mongering to implement STATEWIDE MASK WEARING MANDATES, despite the fact that on many of the surgical mask boxes, it says right on the label that the mask “DOES NOT PROTECT YOU FROM CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) OR ANY OTHER VIRUSES”.

IF IT WASN’T FOR…The REAL PANDEMIC of massive and growing un-American CENSORSHIP of basic free speech in the ‘public square’ by the Leftwing media and Big Tech companies who control them (Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, etc) that tries to hide any speech from Americans who speak out with facts that expose their manipulative lies and their clear and present threat to our nation! (Including people like Dr. Lee Merritt, military surgeon and former President of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, and a bio-weapons and mask expert, when she details as so many other doctors have also done, how the masks DO NOT PROTECT YOU FROM ANY VIRUS because viruses are too small, and any protection from any virus would require in her words, “A LEVEL FOUR CONTAINMENT SUIT”.)

IF IT WASN’T FOR…The Democratic Party and the Left controlled by BILL GATES and these corrupt globalist corporations in partnership with China, OPENLY ADMITTING their ‘fast tracked’ plans for mandated dangerous RNA vaccines that REPROGRAM YOUR GENETIC DNA, combined with Bill Gates well known family history in ‘eugenics’ and his frequent interview references to the need for ‘population control’ or the need to depopulate the earth. (Not to mention his directly related, massive financial profit interests, with his holding of many of the patents for these ‘fast tracked’ RNA vaccines.)

IF IT WASN’T FOR…The Democratic Party and the Left controlled by BILL GATES and these corrupt globalist corporations in partnership with China, OPENLY ADMITTING their Marxist plans of destroying your constitutional right to privacy with CONSTANT SURVEILLANCE, and with their admitted plans to ‘TRACK AND TRACE’ OUR EVERY MOVE using smart phone apps! (With many Americans already finding a version of those track and trace apps having been added to their phones, and they didn’t even add it themselves!)

IF IT WASN’T FOR…The Democratic Party and the Left controlled by BILL GATES and these corrupt globalist corporations in partnership with China, OPENLY ADMITTING their New World Order / “GREAT RESET” plans for not just the above, but a coinciding ‘SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE’ system, joined with such authoritarian control and surveillance, which has already been imposed on the Communist population of China for years now. (See my Nov. 6th special edition of “The Connie Bryan Show” in which I include a few short interview clips of billionaire Ray Dalio coming right out on Bloomberg Financial news and using that term, admitting this plan for a ‘New World Order’ that he then admits will be designed to ‘benefit a SELECT FEW’)

IF IT WASN’T FOR…The Democratic Party and the Left controlled by BILL GATES and these corrupt globalist corporations in partnership with China CELEBRATING the implementation of such a ‘SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE’ system using ‘TRACK AND TRACE’ Big Tech surveillance technology, tied in with the nation state’s ability to see if you have in fact complied with their demand for FORCED INNOCULATIONS, and ultimately their equally nefarious control of your access to banking, credit, and means to provide for yourself and your family, thereby destroying your personal freedom and privacy, and replacing it with a ‘TECHNOCRACY’ of authoritarian dictatorship, wherein if you don’t comply, you are immediately identified by the system, punished, and ultimately cut off from the ability to purchase goods or access your finances, etc.


IF IT WASN’T FOR…The massive amount of RADICAL MARXIST VIOLENCE from the Left, launched at INNOCENT BYSTANDERS and the police, who were just trying to keep the peace against such violent rioting and looting and BURNING DOWN of local MOM AND POP community small businesses!

IF IT WASN’T FOR…Such rampant growing violence from the Left within the Democratic Party, with ‘tacit approval’ exhibited by virtually no rebuke from Kamala Harris or Joe Biden…RAMPANT nationwide violence that became routine and widespread from within the Democratic Party this summer, ostensibly in the name of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement (which began as a noble and good concept and was itself ALSO HI-JACKED!)

IF IT WASN’T FOR…These Democrat Party Leftwing radicals shooting, stabbing and brutally beating up innocent Americans they came across in the streets… And when the police tried to control it with tear gas after multiple warnings, these violent Democratic Party idiots ROUTINELY THREW INCENDIARY DEVICES AND MOLOTOFF COCKTAILS AT THEM, again with virtually no rebuke from Joe Biden – ON THE CONTRARY, with Kamala Harris on record putting out a plea for fundraising to bail these violent Democrat radicals out of jail!

IF IT WASN’T FOR…Joe Biden’s son Hunter and his laptop being discovered, containing email after email revealing his being paid tens of millions of dollars to SELL ACCESS to his father WHILE HE WAS VP UNDER OBAMA…

Email after email detailing he and his father’s secretive deals for tens of millions of dollars more with Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs…Email after email showing their personal close interaction with CHINA’S TOP SPY CHIEF who they were making personal secret deals with, all while building a secret business partnership with a CHINESE STATE OWNED ENERGY COMPANY in return for TENS OF MILLIONS MORE!!

Then if that wasn’t enough, after the US Justice Dept and the FBI and the Director of National Security vetted those emails as authentic, The FBI revealed and confirmed that they actually CURRENTLY HAVE AN ACTIVE MONEY LAUNDERING investigation for which Hunter Biden’s laptop and emails had been subpoenaed as EVIDENCE in the case.

Emails that show Joe and Hunter Biden making personal deals with China’s top spy chief…It doesn’t get any more obvious than that, to see that the Democratic Party and Joe Biden are entirely compromised by China.

If it wasn’t for all of this insane, Marxist assault on our precious American civil liberties, and on our free republic and the American Dream, and ESPECIALLY for their bullsh#t needless traumatizing of our nation’s children, forcing them to remain out of school and away from their friends, making them wear masks and to be needlessly afraid of a virus that IS NOT A THREAT TO THEM, NOT A THREAT TO THE VAST MAJORITY OF US, AS WE WERE TOLD BY THE CDC ALL ALONG…a virus that is fatally dangerous only rarely to a very select ‘at risk’ group JUST LIKE THE FLU!…

AS A TRADITIONAL LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, if it wasn’t for the above, I would NEVER have voted for Donald Trump.

But because the Democrats are no longer the Democrats anymore, as they have OPENLY REVEALED JUST THIS YEAR under apparent orders from the global corporations that control them now, anyone who wants to continue to call themselves an American HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO SUPPORT THE ONLY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE STANDING AGAINST THIS CLEAR AND PRESENT THREAT TO OUR NATION!


Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…She is also the producer and host of “The Connie Bryan Show” now airing in 14 cable markets nationwide, including Washington D.C. Check out all of her material on her website and blog at, or consider sponsoring her new Patreon channel at