On this emergency PART ONE in Connie’s ‘GAME OF GENOMES’ special edition series…Connie begins to show powerful truth to power video clips VINDICATING everything she has been informing her viewers about over the last couple of years, regarding the Big Pharma & Deep State collusion of fraud and corruption behind the ‘PANIC-DEMIC’, Covid-19 and its Wuhan LAB LEAK origin, and the ‘by design’ dangers of the Covid MRNA EXPERIMENTAL shots that are NOT ‘vaccines’ but are in fact experimental GENE THERAPY drugs. Connie plays powerful clips of top U.S. leaders in our government, including former CDC Director Robert Redfield and FBI Director Chris Rey now admitting on mainstream national TV that the source of Covid-19 was a ‘lab incident/leak’ at the Chinese Wuhan Lab FUNDED BY DR. FAUCI with U.S. tax dollars! Connie also plays a clip of Admiral Kirby from the White House briefing room ADMITTING that the U.S. has been unapologetically engaging in dangerous ‘GAIN OF FUNCTION’ lab experimentation, artificially and deliberately making viruses dangerously infectious that were not infectious before. Connie plays a shocking clip in this GAME OF GENOMES series Part 1, of a Bayer Pharmaceutical executive ADMITTING that if they had admitted to you prior to the ‘pandemic’ that the ‘vaccine’ was in fact an ‘experimental MRNA gene therapy’, that there would have been a 95% refusal rate by the general public! Finally, Connie plays a clip she has featured before, showing Dr. Fauci and his Dept of Health and Human Services colleagues in a shocking admission in 2019 only a few months prior to the ‘Covid outbreak’ on live television on CSPAN during a Milken Institute panel discussion, in which they admit their PRE-PLANNING to deliberately use a ‘disruptive event/threat’ of a new flu-like virus out of China, in order to ‘blow up the traditional vaccine system’ so that they don’t have to be required anymore to do the long process of ‘safety studies’ for vaccine approval And this is only PART ONE in Connie’s ‘GAME OF GENOMES’ emergency series… ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ is the MUST SEE TV that Big Pharma controlled NBC doesn’t want you to see!