The drive thru gal confided to me this evening while taking the next order as I was still at the window, “People are SO RUDE!!” She is absolutely right, and in a job like hers, she is an authority on the subject. Americans are commonly treating neighbors in their own communities like members of a warring tribe. The everyday selfish rudeness has reached epidemic proportions, irrespective of race or ethnicity. People behave exactly as they would NOT want others to act toward them. This is especially true with the young generation of today, that loves to give their middle finger to respect for adults.

When you understand the truth about your nature as a spiritual being, (not the temporary physical shell you are currently residing within) you don’t act in such a horribly rude and unkind way because the concept of treating others as you want to be treated is your ‘mantra’. It is your way of life, because you have learned the key to happiness is love for your fellow man, and forgiveness of ALL things. You have learned that everyone around you is a PART of you, on a spiritual level. Most people, especially those who claim to be religious, have not come to this awareness. They have been taught that God’s love is only for those who believe a certain way, not that all people are your spiritual brothers and sisters, all equally a part of the Divine. A Christian (meaning someone who doesn’t pick and choose what scriptures in the New Testament suit them, but believe it is all “God’s Word”)…they don’t look at a Muslim or a Mormon or a Hindu or a homosexual and see them as an equally holy part of the Divine. They believe that person is worthy of condemnation if they don’t convert or change to be like them. That is not love.

Unconditional love can have NO condemnation. Forgiveness can have NO part of condemnation. To believe so is to not only believe a lie, but to be a complete hypocrite. No matter what belief or sexual orientation one has, true spiritual understanding is that DIVERSITY  EQUALS DIVINITY. All are part of what God is, there is no ‘chosen few’. 

CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM and JUDAISM DO NOT TEACH THIS TRUTH. So that just complicates the problem of rudeness and unkindness in society, because no one wants to pull their head out of their comfort zone and realize the religion their friends and family have taught them is lying to them, and keeping them from understanding their true spiritual nature, a spiritual nature shared by everyone around you, which requires that you behave in a loving way at all times with everyone around you. 

I’ve written about this before. The naked truth that so many still resist to this day that is keeping mankind from peace on earth is ORGANIZED RELIGION. The main three religions have perpetrated a lie on the world for over 2 thousand years for society control, politics and profit. 

The lie they depend on is that before you are ‘saved’ or ‘baptized’ or ‘confirmed’ or ‘circumsized’ or ‘simonized’ (maybe I added one too many, sorry) you are not a part of what God is – that you are SEPARATED from what God is…That unless you convert to a specific one of the main three, you are separate from God and are damned because you are not forgiven…They teach you are not a part of what God is if you don’t believe ONE WAY. 

That is nothing but a lie that has caused practically all the wars in mankind’s history. It has not brought love and unconditional forgiveness. It has brought genocide in the name of God in many places in the Bible. It depends on making you believe in a ‘devil’ that is responsible, when the lie unmasked is that organized religion that teaches CONDEMNATION, not unconditional love is what is responsible for all the vengeance and wars in the name of God and religion. 

It continues to this day, most readily seen in radical Islam in the Middle East being played out in spades right now between a growing Sunni/Shiite civil war across the entire region, not just Egypt, Lybia or Syria. But understand, the belief in CHRISTIANITY that all others are condemned is NO DIFFERENT than the belief in radical Islam causing that civil war in the Middle East. 

You will find very quickly if you try to discuss this with Christians, if you point out these teachings all over the New Testament and ask them why they would believe such hateful teachings toward other diverse beliefs, they most often just get embarrassed to talk about it. But when pressed and prodded, they will usually finally admit that they believe all are condemned and worthy of an eternity in Hell, just as their Bible says all over the scriptures. THAT is our biggest problem in the way of peace on this planet. THAT is what is keeping us from understanding the truth about our spiritual nature. 

And furthermore, it is also ironically at the ROOT of why we have a chronic growing problem with horrible rudeness, and a lack of love and respect for one another getting worse year by year. Again, to explain that point, if the main religions really DON’T TEACH the healing truth for mankind that EVERYONE is a part of what God is…if the main religions DON’T TEACH that everyone, not just CHRISTIANS, are always forgiven and loved by the Divine, and NEVER CONDEMNED…if the main religions rooted for profit and control of our society DON’T teach that, and teach the LIE to the masses that your spiritual nature is not naturally a loving being, but instead teach that your nature is ‘sinful’ and ‘bad’, then GUESS WHAT? That is how people will act! And they will often act that way especially to those who don’t share their beliefs.

But when they learn the truth is the opposite, that they are NOT SEPARATE from what is Holy and Divine, and never have been. When they finally pull their heads out of the religious sandbox they buried it in and realize their spiritual nature has always been loving and a part of what God is, GUESS WHAT? They ACT THAT WAY! And that is what will bring peace to this planet. But we aren’t doing a good enough job of teaching this and holding religious people accountable for the lies they teach and believe. People don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or correct anyone. All I can say is if that was the mentality of those who lead the Civil Rights Movement in the 60’s, where would we be?

If you say you are a Christian, understand you can’t say that and divorce yourself from the condemning teachings rampant all over the New Testament scriptures that teach what I’ve detailed above. That lie is the hallmark of Christianity. You can try to say you believe in only the loving teachings of Jesus, but that doesn’t make you a Christian, because Christianity added all the condemnation part in the political process of deciding what would be in the New Testament. 

I would agree with many that the writings in the New Testament are not at all the loving forgiving teachings of the prophet Jesus, who was NO DIFFERENT than any of you reading this post right now. The truth all of humanity needs to learn is we are all just as much a part of God as Jesus was, and we have never been separate from God. When you learn this, it brings the true ‘rebirth’ that causes you to find happiness and true spiritual understanding and healing. If you’d like to find something to help you understand this truth better, run don’t walk to your nearest bookstore and ask for a copy of “A Course In Miracles”. 

I promise you that you will begin to experience miracles in your life beyond belief from the spiritual awakening that you will experience, as it teaches you that as you forgive all things, the world you perceive, that you are creating, begins to CHANGE THROUGH YOU, because you are not separate from God, YOU ARE PART OF GOD, and have the power to create a loving world according to the Divine Will that you share. Christianity never teaches this, and as long as you remain believing all others who don’t believe like you are not forgiven, are not a part of you, equal to you spiritually, as long as you believe that you will remain bogged down and powerless, able to heal nothing and no one.